Monday, December 22

Hello! Finals are over, the semester is complete, and I finished really well, so I'm stoked! My Aunt Karen and Uncle Sean brought their four kids out here from Arizona on Friday, and we've been having a blast with them as a Christmas festivity until they leave tomorrow to head home! For their first day here, we decided it would be a grand idea and opportune timing to also put in wood flooring in our downstairs, so we put the family to work!

As you can see, even the little ones participated in the fun, and we got everything moved successfully! The wood floors look really good, too! The only letdown is that our beloved dog, Da Wuff, doesn't care for the clickety-clackety sound that her paws make on the wood. She has become very fearful, so in order to get her to go outside, we made a little road of carpets for her. :-) Hopefully poor Da Wuff will get over her wood-phobia!
But we are all having a blast - we've been playing games like "Imaginiff..." which is loads of fun, especially for us family people who just enjoy teasing and making fun of each other. Such family love! :-) They also brought the movie "Three," which is based on Ted Dekker's book, and I thought it was amazing! Not your typical low-budget Christian feel-good film. haha!

I also just wanted to include this madness - Billy and I had breakfast at Jeff and Jenna's, where this sign is happily parked outside their little park area. I found it entertaining.

And finally, we celebrated Denae's birthday at Downtown Disney's Rainforest Cafe last Thursday and we took some fun pictures, but I currently have misplaced my camera and cannot upload any to report our adventures....I'll work on that. :-)

We're headed to Utah on Friday for our winter retreat...both my brothers are coming too! Should be a blast!

Monday, December 8

Finals Shminals

Yes, it is the dreaded finals week.

No, I should not be taking the time to blog.

BUT I just wanted to make a brief social comment regarding the amount of paper towels used unnecessarily on a daily basis. I believe nearly every single person uses 1-3 paper towels for every bathroom visit. Shouldn't there be a way to stop such wasteful usage?

Friday, November 28

Truckers, Impressionists, and Tomlin

okay so for all you who have yet to experience and behold the glory of the mall hunt, the picture above basically sums it up. :-) we were only found once thanks to our double date partners josh and bailey! yay! and yes, billy's beard is in fact made of real hair, thus the authentic appearance. :-D

in this picture you can see batstone's intent focus on her impressionistic masterpiece during art admirable is her dedication!

i figured i should also give a view of both of our pieces....hers is of the palm trees in the background, mine of one of the benches including a fountain that is unseen in this picture. for our art class, we did our best to imitate the impressionist painters, and we had a blast!!

lastly, chris tomlin's cd "hello love" is awesome. definitely not as upbeat as some of his other stuff, but i absolutely love the lyrics and the orchestration! i just love it!

also...CHRISTMAS is coming. i love it!

Tuesday, November 4

My Vote

***REVISED. Billy informed me that this post makes me sound like a Democrat and an Obama-voter. I am not. This is merely a response to Obama's victory.***

Obama. How does that sound? President Obama. I bet he's doing that right now.
I listened to John McCain's speech...that must be ridiculously hard to get up in front of everyone who had your back, knowing that it was basically all for nothing. That's definitely not a place that I ever want to be in.

I must say, though, I voted for the first time today, and it felt great! I was enamored by the electronic stations and astonished that everything is so easy.
Another event that impacted me today was that my cell phone battery ceased all life forms after only a few hours' use. Why? Because it's technology and it's not fail-proof.

Both those events - voting electronically and my phone battery dying made me think about what life must have been like before technology took over the world and captured mankind's full attention.
I felt so stressed just because my phone was not on. Why? I would think I should feel happiness and freedom because no one can reach me...I don't have to worry about responding to any texts, picking up any calls, returning any calls...sounds pretty stress-free. But then again, the major downside of it was....I couldn't call or text others...and what about the people who I needed to talk to? Such a predicament!
Does technology really rule our lives? Sometimes it feels like it...or at least it has way too high of a priority on my list in some cases.

President Obama. Hm.

Tuesday, October 28

Starbucks Makes Amends

Yes, today after a long voice lesson, I felt an urge to indulge in a sweet iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. I ordered it, a few minutes later my order was called, and alas! On the counter was a Caramel Frappuchino. I thought to myself..."I could actually go for one of those right now...but I also really wanted an iced caramel macchiato...which is what I ordered...." So I very nicely said, "Excuse me, I have a slight problem..." And all work ceased. It was like I had three Starbucks workers there to make sure my order was corrected. My order was successfully corrected and just minutes later I had a blissful collection of caramel, both macchiato and frapp.

Tuesday, October 14

Another Trendy Turbo-Blog

So I seem to have this trend now to where I only blog once every couple weeks or so...but man, these blogs are just loaded with goodness!
So first things first!
Billy and I have been together six months as of Saturday - yay! It seems crazy that it's gone so fast! But it just keeps getting better and better....I love you Billy!
We celebrated on Friday and spent the day together just chilling - getting shave ice, working on our AWESOME Snoopy puzzle, exploring the candy store, etc. For the record, Powell's candy shoppe is pretty phenomenal.
On Saturday, we took a trip to Mexico with some peeps (ha) from church, and did some construction work for a guy who is building a house for his family down there!
This is before:

This is after:

And it may not look like much, but let me tell you we leveled that dirt pretty well...and it wasn't just dirt, it was 60% rock; 40%dirt that flew through the wind and directly into our lungs.
Also this is the concrete that was poured to finish part of the foundation:

NEXT on the list to talk about is my first Sushi experience! It was crazy! Way better than I expected it to be, and I wouldn't mind having it more often! Billy took me to this sweet Japanese cuisine in Dana Point called Maki Yaki, and I have to admit that it was delish!

And lastly...I was in Batstone's room today and was shocked to see the amount of jewelry that one person can own and absolutely NEED to have...that person being her roommate. Check out this insanity - tons of jewelry all organized into these little compartments, hanging on the back of her closet door. Hm.

That is all.

Tuesday, September 30


Yesterday morning at Starbucks, Batstone, Kaitlin, and I observed this woman's skill for selecting shoes. It's sort of like a shock system that you would see on a bike, and yet it has sort of a high-heel effect....I'm just gonna call them "spring shoes" for now. Again, I apologize for blurry cell phone pictures, but on each heel of these classy sandals is a giant spring. Wonder if the comfort is as good as it looks.

Also, Billy and I witnessed this sign on the side of the Subway building by his apartment..."Acrobatic or hazardous skateboarding is prohibited".....???!!! What qualifies as acrobatic, I wonder?

As you can see, Billy was blown away and confused by aforesaid sign and was caught off guard. Here he is pictured carefully pondering what delicious sub he should partake of. Don't worry, he made an excellent choice: Meatball Sub on Honey Oat Bread. MMmm. I've never had it, but I hear it's quite a hit. Also he's sporting a hat! Woot! :-)

Sunday, September 21

This is a reason why

I live at home for many reasons, most of which are economic. However I realized another reason today: At home, I can be surprised by awesome edible gifts from my mom. Such as Reese's. Amazing.
ALSO. I bought this new CD by Vicky Beeching. It's kind of old...from 2002, but you know, it's absolutely wonderful! I love it because it's powerful, fun, upbeat, catchy, and female worship leaders are hard to come by. Of course you have Darlene Zsecschhsseh (or however you spell her last name), and then you have Brooke Fraser, whose music is just quality stuff....and now I have found Vicky Beeching. Check her out. :-)

Friday, September 12

Look Out!

Okay so check this. I have so much to say, I'm just gonna keep it compact and to the point.

Point 1.

What the heck is this?! We looked at it in "Intro to the Arts" and supposedly you should see a human figure descending a staircase. I have looked and looked and looked....and to no avail. Just needed to share my frustration.
Point 2.

I was talking with Brandi about a profound system of complimenting people. Consider this: It's a compliment to be called fat.
Why? Listen carefully. If people are willing to joke with you and call you fat, obviously you're skinny enough that the statement can only be taken as ridiculous. Therefore, if people are teasing you and calling you fat, you should consider it an honor because that inherently means you're skinny.
If....people are jerks and call you fat and you are fat, then you should consider yourself an exception to this observation. Along the same lines, if people never joke around and call you fat...maybe you should think twice about why they don't.

Point 3.

Speaking of Brandi, her blog is awesome.

Point 4.

Also speaking of Brandi, we observed this giant red taco in the window of Taco Bell as we drove through for her to get some delicious nachos for herself. Odd. I am fairly certain I am forever uninterested in eating a Volcano Taco merely because it has a red shell. Their advertising technique on this one is driving me away.

Point 5.

Let's get a little political. Obama. I only heard about this magazine cover a few days ago and since then I have begun to see it as a very interesting political cartoon. Have you seen it? Pretty intriguing.

What does that mean to you? How does that make you feel?

Point 6.

Remember those promised pics from my birthday? Here are a couple. :-)

Point 7.

Also, here's a couple pictures from Billy's and my birthday date... :-)

Point 8.

We've been together 5 months as of yesterday! Woot!
Point 9.

Interface started last Wednesday! We are going through two separate books: "Captivating" for the girls, "Wild at Heart" for the guys. I'm really excited to lead the Freshmen/Sophomore girls with Raquel and I think the Lord has a lot in store for us!!!
Point 10.

I purchased some new music from iTunes including Chris Tomlin's new album entitled "Hello Love." It is proving to be a great purchase!

Thursday, August 28

Space Please!

Classes officially started yesterday! This semester promises to be extremely educational and yet very consuming as I am carrying 17 units once again. Today was exhilirating with a schedule consisting of: World Civilizations I, Intro to Theology, and Intro to Advanced Mathematics. I am actually really excited about this semester because my professors all seem to be passionate about their classes and I am interested in learning a variety of new things. Not to say my other professors haven't been passionate....maybe I should rephrase that: my professors this semester seem competently passionate about giving us a great atmosphere in which to thrive and succeed. :-) I'm already sounding more academic. Ha!

But this picture below you may find very amusing, or you may even be able to identify with it. Parking at Vanguard is very limited and very tight. My car is the one on the right, and some idiot decided to pull dangerously close to mine. Did they hit my car? I don't believe so. BUT, this is disturbing.
But as this semester gets underway, I'm evaluating where all my time is being spent...and to be honest, I'm running out of time. There's simply not enough to do all the things I love. How frustrating! People often tell me that it's good to have a lot of interests and be involved in a lot of things, but I'm beginning to believe that's not exactly true. I almost see my plethora of interests as a curse because I love too many things - how can you say no to something you love? Why should you have to? It's basically a big dilemma and I either have to be the best kept, most organized, on-top-of-it person, or I need to figure out a solution to my overflow of activities and interests.

Monday, August 18


Thank the Lord that Billy is home! He came home from Scotland on Saturday, and I finally got to see him yesterday morning...sweet reunion. I'm so happy he's back! It was awesome to just know that he's here in So. Cal and to spend the day with him yesterday! Yay! :-D

I also wanted to share this work of art with you, which was seen in a TJMaxx Home Goods store last Friday:

What does it mean?!!?!

Also, Music Camp started at school. Yee.
And lastly, I declared a Mathematics major today. Crazy.

Wednesday, August 13


Let me come clean and tell you:

I generally don't watch much of the Olympics when they come every four years, and I have yet to witness the incredible Opening Ceremonies of this year's games yet.

BUT I have had the opportunity to catch small portions of the festivities. I've decided to share some highlights as I sit here at work with absolutely nothing to do.

1) Dara Torres. Wonderwoman? Maybe. 41 years old. Swimming icon. She's absolutely ripped. Has a 2-year old daughter.
**** that I'm thinking about it...that means she had her daughter when she was 39. Ouch.

2) Michael Phelps eats 8,000-10,000 calories a day. That's insane. Also, I feel bad for the countries racing against him in any must be depressing to know the highest you can get is silver.

3) Beach Volleyball. I choose to believe that our female duo is dynamic and basically the best team ever. I also think it's ironic that the Chinese team trains with the USA coach here in Southern California. Not really sure how I feel about that. As long as USA still wins, I suppose it's cool.
****One of our women - Misty Mae, I think? - tattooed some basketball players' initials on her back because he was her idol or something? Personally I thought that was odd. She got to meet him at the games, which means she basically tattooed a stranger's initials on her body. Not even her own. Crazy!

4) Gymnastics. Dang. How nerve-wracking! Between the little girls that seriously look like they're 7 years old, and the crazy alternate guy who rocked it out on the pommel horse...not to mention the sweet bars for both men/ goodness. Last night we were bowling and watching the girls do the jump/twirlsomersault over the single bar or whatever (who knows what it's really called), and Carissa was evaluating each jump for me to explain how they're judged. How ridiculous!

Anyways. I wonder how people can afford to spend all their time focused on being an athlete. I suppose it's some sort of calling. Or just a passion thing?

I still have 2 hours to pass here at work...

Sunday, August 10


Yes, I have a habit of taking blurry pictures with my cell phone camera. HOWEVER, that is not the point. Today my parents went out and on a whim decided to purchase a ping pong table for our enjoyment and pleasure. How delightful, yes? Batstone was the first guest to experience this new addition to our home, and it was bundles of fun to put together with my dad. We soon realized that the Kettler (R) company who manufactured that table has sort of a pet name for it: the "tt-table." I thought, HM; Batstone thought, "oh table tennis! of course!" I was not so witty but assumed that she was correct. Therefore, I now refer to it as our tt-table, with tt-paddles, tt-balls, etc.

Saturday, August 9

Odds and Ends

So I've come to the realization that shopping is just downright depressing. I'm trying to somewhat redo my room...hoping to get some new bedding and a new nightstand or some sort of table. Simple, right? I thought so. But it seems that I'm too picky or don't really know what I want, because I don't like anything that's out. How frustrating!

I want color, happy, pixie dust, sparkles, smiley faces....something fun! haha. I suppose I'll find it if I look long and hard enough. Or at least that's what my mom says. :-)

But even through long days of searching, I found this little garden gnome figure in the garden section of Target and felt that it must be shared. So precious.

Friday, August 8

Let's Talk

So here I am innocently watching Everybody Loves Raymond, which has me laughing like no other...and a commercial comes on of this bride who is having the worst day ever on her wedding day.
1. She gets frustrated when she has to step over a bunch of dirty gross cans that are behind her car.
2. Her heel breaks, so she's walking with a limp.
3. Her veil gets torn off her head when she runs into a bushy vine hanging on an arbor.
4. Her flower girl ahead of her stops and runs back to give her a giant hug as she cries.
5. Someone sticks their cane into the aisle so she trips on it and falls.
6. She looks up and sees her groom being held back by his groomsmen, unable to help her as she sits in the aisle, helpless and upset.

Suddenly the screen says "How Would You Feel If You Couldn't Marry The One You Love?"

Of course, my emotions then turned from sympathy to anger.
This commercial was sponsored by, which is an organization fighting for gay marriage.
I find it very interesting that the organization decided to have a commercial on a HETEROsexual couple. Why? Because that's normal. Why? Because society recognizes that as the way it should be, and that's the audience they're trying to reach, I suppose. I visited the website and read a story of a couple who decided not to get married because their gay friends couldn't, so why should they enjoy their right when their gay friends can't?
I heard from Greg Koukl (Stand to Reason) that gays have the same rights everyone else has - to marry someone of the opposite sex. But now they want a special right.
The commercial was very manipulative, as most of them are. But it pretty much fired me up.

Tuesday, August 5


Okay so it's not a nuance. But I tried something new yesterday, and I'm almost ashamed to say so. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but here goes....I tried McDonald's Caramel Iced Coffee. Yes I did.

And actually I kind of lied because I do know how I feel about it. It was alright. Not amazing, not Starbucks, but not bad.

In more important news, Billy left for Scotland with a group of 25 from Ocean Hills on Sunday. It's weird without him here because I can't text or call him whenever I want! But he says that everything is going well so far...that God is already working through them. Still, I miss him a ton!

On top of that, my dad and brothers are in New York for Stephen's baseball team's tournament. They are doing really well and their game was even broadcasted online live today. Steve has hit three home runs. Yay!

Tuesday, July 29

The C.R. Report and More

We're back! We arrived back at home from Costa Rica on Saturday after a long day of traveling and practically no sleep.
Our trip was eventful, successful, and for me, a good time of growing!

During our time there, we mostly got to help out the missionary families who are currently living there. Two couples are working on building projects, so four of our days were spent on construction projects with them.
Ronnie and Tammy, originally from Honduras, are working on finishing their house by adding another story and painting the roof and stuff. So for their house I did things like primer the kitchen, primer the outside walls, paint countless tiles of zinc (metal flats for the roof), and paint diesel onto some wooden beams (the diesel keeps the termites away). The guys did manly things like making a driveway, pouring concrete to make front steps, measuring and cutting wood to make a stairway into the second story, etc. It was a lot of fun! And of course they had a tiny puppy named Buster that was often the center of attention.

The other couple, Barrett and Amy, are currently in the moving process. They too are planning to build a house smack dab in the middle of the jungle, but in order to build, they need to clear out an area to lay the foundation and go from there. So we went in and cleared a bunch of trees (machetes are so useful) and made three HUGE piles to later be burned. Sure enough, we came back a couple days later with every intention of burning the piles and maintaining them throughout the day. It was awesome - after a lot of hard work in starting the fires, they got burning really nicely and from what we hear, the piles are now gone! That may not seem amazing, but the entire time, we were praying that God would keep the rain away, and He did! Until after lunch, when it started to rain pretty steadily, but at that point the fires were unstoppable and we were not deterred. :-) God is so good!

We also got to go white water rafting on our free day on the Pacuare River, and to our surprise, we found out that Class 4 rapids really are fun...even though they're not Class 5. We rafted through a couple beautiful valleys and got to see a lot of untainted and uncivilized territory!! Woot!

Anyways, I could continue but I don't have any pictures for you just yet. I'm at work breaking the receptionist, which means I have nothing to do, but I haven't gone through the pictures to find the good ones!
More to come, I'm sure....but as a side note, today I felt my first epic earthquake! It was ridiculously awesome. A lady here at work is from Illinois and was freaking out, asking if we needed to evacuate. We didn't, of course, but it was the weirdest thing to feel our entire building shake. So far no aftershocks, though...that I know of.

Billy and I saw The Dark Knight last night...crazy. Here are my thoughts in a nutshell:
it was really long, slow in some parts, two-face is nasty, the joker is the creepiest and weirdest character i've ever seen, heath ledger went out with a bang, the batmobile self-destrcuted and popped out a bat-cycle? didn't like the actress who played rachel, but sad that she died, and so fast too. i was also really confused when the guy came back to life...

Tuesday, July 8

Misnomer Alert

Food for thought: There are over 180 California Pizza Kitchen restaurants, located in 27 states and 5 foreign countries.
I wonder if the first one was actually in California.

Wednesday, July 2

Take A Break

So on Monday I went out on the town with Batstone and Bailey...we toured Fashion Island, took a bunch of pictures with Bailey's sweet new camera, went to CPK ( it really only in California?), visited the pet store, etc.

Here are a few photographic highlights of our adventurous day:

Picture 1 shows the beginning of our extravaganza - homemade shave ice with special plastic elephant cups.

Picture 2 shows the most innocent looking puppy
poodle I've ever seen. Unfortunately for him, I'm not much of a poodle fan, else I might have bought him myself.

Picture 3 shows a hot new trend in the realm of toymakers nationwide, and especially in Southern California. To the right you see an attractice, colorful toy that has numerous buttons to push. For example, each of the animals is a button, and when you press it, a man's voice tells you what animal you're touching. Same with the numbers on the bottom.

But this toy has a special feature that attracts multiple audiences: it is bilingual.

Picture 4 gives you an idea of a cookie-in-a-jar recipe gone wrong. Those wonderful cookie dough ingredient jars are not always so trustworthy. Well seasoned bakers like Carrie would know that flour goes in last....but how do you put the flour in last if it's the top ingredient in the jar? Nevertheless, we enjoyed a gooey, texture-y mixture of cookie dough with vanilla ice cream.

Tuesday, June 3

More Fun at Work

Well here is my lovely desk....which I really am never at because I'm always elsewhere filing things or copying things or finding things.......etc. But it's sweet to say that I have a desk and even an extension. It makes me feel somewhat important, I guess you could say.
In other news, Billy and I are going to visit his parents next weekend! Yay! I'm stoked!

Wednesday, May 28

Summer Spectacular

SO! My job consists of basically all filing and organizing and fixing what other people have misfiled and disorganized. It's a never-ending job, but I think it's affecting my home life as well.

For the first time in my life, I came home from work, cleaned up my room (including making my bed), and decided that I should organize my closet a little bit. So sure enough, I organized it by pants, t-shirts, dress shirts, dresses, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. I must admit it feels really good, and I plan to carry on this new trend in other areas of my life as well.

Also, I'm seriously considering becoming a high school math teacher. Like Algebra 2 maybe. I'm a tutor/teacher's aid for a Statistics class right now, and I absolutely love being able to help people with stuff they don't understand and teach them how to make sense of everything. It's sweet!

Wednesday, May 21

Plus 6

Let me make a slight revision to my last post. I forgot about this:

And on another note, I started my first "real," or I guess you could just say my first desk job this week. I'm working with my mom at a law office and I'm being trained as a file clerk.
I know that may sound like a low-key, not-too-complicated job, but let me convince you otherwise.
Law offices are very particular. Also attorneys are seldom organized. Also...many people are REALLY lazy. Good grief.
But other than that, I guess I'm kind of glad to have a job where I'll be getting a steady paycheck! Softball and school both being over, work will give me something to stay busy. :-)

Sunday, May 18

Burning My Butt Off

Let's be real. Summer is awesome; heat...not so much in my book.

I need to have some sort of contraption to wear constantly that mists and fans my face throughout the day...I feel I would enjoy life much more. Haha! Could you imagine....

Anyways. On Friday Billy and I went to visit our friends in Buena Park, and Billy's temp. gauge said this:

How awful.

But we had fun once we got there - check out Billy's new kicks!

Monday, May 12


So let me explain a little something.

There is this massive rivalry between Billy and my brothers....each of them continually trying to prove their mad skills to me.

This is the latest result of their rivalries, which deals with playing the XBOX 360 game NBA Live 2008. Billy and Stephen are currently tied 1-1 in their Best-of-Ten Series, which is now put on hold for a few days after Billy smashed Steve to the ground.

I'm so proud.

Thursday, May 8


Today I took my last final of my Freshman year! Woohoo! I'm done!

This semester was so ridiculously busy..I'm really happy that my life won't be quite so hectic for the next few months.

I also got to have lunch with my dad today at Claim Jumper, which was soooo incredibly delicious. Just take a look at my meal to the right. Rotisserie chicken, cheese bread, and the best: mashed potatoes and gravy. MMMmmm. So good.

To top it all off, I am housesitting and currently watching The Office, because I'm addicted.

Wednesday, May 7

WCO2 & A Huge Pooch

Pooch. Just say that word. Pooch. Funny.

Okay, who would have thought that I could have TWO encounters with WCO in my lifetime! Let me remind you that WCO stands for Whip Cream Overload. (Maybe it's supposed to be "Whipped," but...whatever.)

Check this out. Pretty sure it was the same girl.


On Saturday I finally took my brother Ben to Six Flags, and I was shocked to see this:

I didn't know people actually won the huge ones. I thought...they were just for show so people could know what they're missing out on. Hm. This poor guy won it, but probably didn't think about carrying it through the longest line in history or the fact that he would have to shove it in a locker or take it on the ride with him. Poor fellow.
And finally, a shout out to last week's episode of The Office: Fluffy Fingers. WOW.

Friday, May 2

Clever Title

I try to create creative titles while creating my blogs, but sometimes my creativity skills are not fully functioning.

Today marks the last full day of school. Thank the Lord.
I was thinking that last year at about this time, I was just deciding to come to Vanguard, and I'm so happy I did!

But really, that's not the reason I'm writing. The true reason is to announce a new find that I happened upon last night. As you know, blogging is no easy task, and it can often be hard to find a blog worthy of frequent viewings. BUT I have found one. Check it out.


Thursday, May 1


Can I just say that this is gross. There are people in this world who let things go too far.

Behold: a joke gone too far.

Let me repeat: not a joke.

And, lo and behold, this is not a joke.
I promise you they are not chocolate covered.

The identity of this banana hoarding lunatic shall remain concealed lest this person should wish to reveal him or herself.

Monday, April 28

Wisdom from Home Depot

Yes, this sign is along the side of the line for Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
I found it to be extremely informational and rather entertaining also.

Tuesday, April 22

Raggedy Shortcake

This beloved painting is hanging in my friend Bailey's house. I think it's a great picture of what I would imagine Raggedy Ann would look like if she was combined with Strawberry Shortcake. Let me also just say that is a creepy painting in real life.

Monday, April 14

Fun Stuff


As of Friday, Billy and I are dating.
I am stoked. Pretty sure he is too.
That's a lie, we're both excited. :-D

I felt you should know. That's all for today. :-)

Wednesday, April 9

Hand dryers, revisited

No, I never visited hand dryers in the first place, but "revisited" sounds more epic than not.

Geez, a month? Yes, I am here, and yes, I am doing well!

I've only got a few weeks left in this semester, which I'm stoked about because I've been SO incredibly busy! I'm definitely ready for a break.

Also, I feel you should know that this is the greatest hand dryer ever, last seen and experienced in a Carl's Jr. in Corona. It comes complete with a set of instructions.

Hopefully you'll be able to experience this glorious contraption at one of your frequent fast food stops. Once the idea catches on, we will have no more awkward experiences while drying hands.
Never again will you have to wipe your hands on your clothing after struggling to get the motion detector to respond to your frantic, wet, waving hands. No longer will you have to cringe as you pump the wet handle that everyone else has used throughout the day...that is dripping with water. Nor will you have to struggle to pull only one towel at a time from the little stack sitting by the sink, which has already drenched the bottom half of the stack.
Get the picture? This is phenomenal.