Friday, August 8

Let's Talk

So here I am innocently watching Everybody Loves Raymond, which has me laughing like no other...and a commercial comes on of this bride who is having the worst day ever on her wedding day.
1. She gets frustrated when she has to step over a bunch of dirty gross cans that are behind her car.
2. Her heel breaks, so she's walking with a limp.
3. Her veil gets torn off her head when she runs into a bushy vine hanging on an arbor.
4. Her flower girl ahead of her stops and runs back to give her a giant hug as she cries.
5. Someone sticks their cane into the aisle so she trips on it and falls.
6. She looks up and sees her groom being held back by his groomsmen, unable to help her as she sits in the aisle, helpless and upset.

Suddenly the screen says "How Would You Feel If You Couldn't Marry The One You Love?"

Of course, my emotions then turned from sympathy to anger.
This commercial was sponsored by, which is an organization fighting for gay marriage.
I find it very interesting that the organization decided to have a commercial on a HETEROsexual couple. Why? Because that's normal. Why? Because society recognizes that as the way it should be, and that's the audience they're trying to reach, I suppose. I visited the website and read a story of a couple who decided not to get married because their gay friends couldn't, so why should they enjoy their right when their gay friends can't?
I heard from Greg Koukl (Stand to Reason) that gays have the same rights everyone else has - to marry someone of the opposite sex. But now they want a special right.
The commercial was very manipulative, as most of them are. But it pretty much fired me up.


Rachel was like.... said...
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Laura Bat said...

i know! i had the same reaction. like... "what? Stop trying to manipulate me."

Rachel was like.... said...

woah! i was always so confused by that commercial. i had no idea that it was related to gay marriage...thats gay! cuz i had sympathy for her too!

branmuffin said...

Dude. Seriously. I saw that commercial and at first I was like how sad for her. And then I realized it was for gay marriage. And I was like how stupid. Lol. Why is the whole world turning gayyyyyy? =[