Wednesday, May 7

WCO2 & A Huge Pooch

Pooch. Just say that word. Pooch. Funny.

Okay, who would have thought that I could have TWO encounters with WCO in my lifetime! Let me remind you that WCO stands for Whip Cream Overload. (Maybe it's supposed to be "Whipped," but...whatever.)

Check this out. Pretty sure it was the same girl.


On Saturday I finally took my brother Ben to Six Flags, and I was shocked to see this:

I didn't know people actually won the huge ones. I thought...they were just for show so people could know what they're missing out on. Hm. This poor guy won it, but probably didn't think about carrying it through the longest line in history or the fact that he would have to shove it in a locker or take it on the ride with him. Poor fellow.
And finally, a shout out to last week's episode of The Office: Fluffy Fingers. WOW.

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