Tuesday, November 24


I've been reading more books by my formerly praised hero: Francine Rivers. Author of many Christian historical fiction, Francine has captured my heart yet again. After reading Redeeming Love, which I (again) highly recommend, I read The Atonement Child, and I am now reading this novella series on women of the Old Testament. The series consists of 5 books, each one about a different woman. Each woman is an unlikely suspect for furthering the kingdom of God, and yet each one of them played a vital role in God's plan. The women are: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. I've read the ones about Tamar and Ruth already and am currently in the midst of the one about Rahab.

Amazing. You should read them.

It's pretty incredible to think about how God can change the life of an individual so drastically. God is so faithful to reward us and to truly work all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Even when life's circumstances look bleak, He is there, He is in control, and He has a plan.
I love it.

Saturday, November 14


So I've spent this last week getting reconnected with some old friends and the funny thing is....I didn't even plan to, really. But I was reminded this week of God's continued faithfulness to me - He's always watching out for me! I was also reminded that He makes all things beautiful in His very own timing. Hm. Precious. :)

Beyond that, I wanted to give you all a fun update. Just about a week ago I and my fellow Ocean Hills people participated in our annual Mall Hunt extravaganza, and most of us leaders are pictured below as we prepared to head out to the Spectrum:

Yes, I pushed myself slightly by changing myself completely - don't worry, I got my hands later too, but the brown tends to come off on everything, so I did my hands last. :)

Let's be real - it was an intense night at the Spectrum because there were two other church groups there doing the same kind of event, which made it even more fun to mess with them. HA! Maybe I'm a horrible person, but bear with me for a moment. Obviously I was kind of conspicuous due to the big hair, but I was sitting at a table, and this group of young girls comes close to me.....and one girl comes even closer and dares to say, "Excuse me, are you my mommy?" Glaring at her, I said, "Excuse me? No. I'm not your mommy." They asked, of course, as sort of a code word between them. Well, throughout the night I was asked the same question 7-8 times and I finally stared a mom (who was chaperoning a group) down and said, "No, I'm not. Stop asking me that." On another occasion I intimidated a little boy who told me that I was fake. What a wonderful night. Haha! I will not soon forget it. I was found by 3 out of 4 of our groups, but it was still quite exciting.

Prior to that night, I had been preparing with my wig and soon discovered that my little bro Stephen and I really do look that much alike. He agreed to wear one of my other wigs while I sported a fro, just so we could have a photograph to record our strikingly similar features. Ah, we ARE related! :)

The wig trend later continued as my Great-Grandmother Genevieve came over to play some Scrabble with my mom and to visit the rest of us. What a sport - 95 years old and she still let me take a picture of her like this! :)
In other news, it was announced that the Vanguard Singers and Band, which I'm a part of, will be travelling to China in May after school lets out on an outreach-geared concert tour! Woo! I'm so excited - I think it's a great opportunity and I can't wait! I have to raise my support, though, so if you guys have any good fundraising ideas, please feel free to send them my way!!
Also, thank you Switchfoot. You have captured my heart yet again with this fabulous new album: Hello Hurricane. Wonderful.

Sing It Out:

I'm on the run, I'm on the ropes this time
Where is my song?
I've lost the song of my soul tonight

Sing it out, sing it out
Take what is left of me, make it a melody
Sing it out, sing out loud
I can't find the words to sing, You be my remedy
My song, my song
I sing with what's left of me

Where is the sun?
Feel like a ghost this time
Where have You gone?
I need Your breath in my lungs tonight

I'm holding on, holding on to You
The world is wrong, my world is a lie that's come true
And I fall in love with the ones that run me through
When all I need is You

I love it!

I'm also working on some new music stuff of my own, which I'm kind of excited about. I'm busy! But I've got so much to think about and write's insane. Over and over again, though, I'm reminded of God's faithfulness and forgiveness. How incredible. :) Hope you guys can realize that too and live in the freedom that He gives.