Tuesday, September 30


Yesterday morning at Starbucks, Batstone, Kaitlin, and I observed this woman's skill for selecting shoes. It's sort of like a shock system that you would see on a bike, and yet it has sort of a high-heel effect....I'm just gonna call them "spring shoes" for now. Again, I apologize for blurry cell phone pictures, but on each heel of these classy sandals is a giant spring. Wonder if the comfort is as good as it looks.

Also, Billy and I witnessed this sign on the side of the Subway building by his apartment..."Acrobatic or hazardous skateboarding is prohibited".....???!!! What qualifies as acrobatic, I wonder?

As you can see, Billy was blown away and confused by aforesaid sign and was caught off guard. Here he is pictured carefully pondering what delicious sub he should partake of. Don't worry, he made an excellent choice: Meatball Sub on Honey Oat Bread. MMmm. I've never had it, but I hear it's quite a hit. Also he's sporting a hat! Woot! :-)


Mike Lutz said...

next they will make shoes with anti-lock brakes!

Laura Bat said...

i really want some of those shoes.