Friday, February 29

Once every 1461 Days...

....Comes February 29. I love this day.
It's so really deserves more attention, I think.

When I was little, someone tried to stump me by saying that a woman had lived for 40 years but had only had 10 birthdays and asked how that could be possible.
I was not fooled...or confused....nor was I stumped.
You see, my half-birthday is today, February 29th. I learned at an early age that I would only have a half-birthday every four years.
Needless to say, I slapped that little riddle in the face when I was little.
And I still like to celebrate the rarity of February 29th.
I feel you should enjoy it also.

No, I am not looking for a bunch of comments saying "happy half-birthday." Come on, guys.


Wednesday, February 27

The K-man

On Saturday I was at Jeff's apartment to record some stuff for Ocean Hills' worship album. I went into it with not-so-great of an attitude, expecting it to take forever and consist of a bunch of redos. Thankfully it did not turn out that way because Jeff is amazing and has the best program in the world.

I literally played an electric piano that was hooked up to the computer. The computer program then had the capacity to WRITE out all of the notes that I was playing within the key and time signatures that I was playing in. It was amazing! And even when I made a mistake, another part of the program allowed Jeff to merely switch a few notes to make it sound perfect! I was so happy!

But what made me equally happy was his desk. He has an arrangement of all sorts of novelty items including this wonderful object:

Needless to say, Dwight, among other things, made my day soar with happiness.

Friday, February 22


What is WCO, you ask?

Well that's easy: Whip Cream Overload.

You would think she'd wipe off the excess, she handed it to me, she just said, "Sorry about that." And I said, "It's cool.....I guess...."

Secondly, I love almost all furry creatures. (I'll be happy to provide a list of the ones I'm not too fond of should anyone request it.) Well this delightfully cute little one decided to scamper around me as I walked through campus yesterday. It made me smile.

Thirdly....on Thursday nights we have our college study at Ocean Hills. We normally go out afterwards for dinner, but ever since Lost started back up again, we normally go to Jon's to watch Lost. Last night, however, Carissa's family generously offered their house and a lot of food to us, so we naturally raced over to her house after service and enjoyed some delicious food and great fellowship. Amid our glorious time, decided it would be a great idea to mess with Billy. I'm uncertain as to exactly what he did the first time, but on the second time, sneaked up behind Billy and started breathing on him (WHO DOES THAT?!). Billy, of course, responded in love and put into a headlock and then proceeded to tickle him relentlessly as well as torture him in other respectable ways. loved it.

Tuesday, February 19

Dynamic Recap

So. Just came off a three-day weekend, which was glorious.

Friday: Hit up D-land with Billy, Bailey, Lindy, Bryan, and the Projectionist. Amazing. We went exploring at the Brother Bear exhibit...which I must admit, I don't remember it being so fun before. I went into it with a hesitant attitude, but I was pleasantly surprised to have my heart filled with joy as I ran across netting and crawled through pipes and scaled the wall of a man-made cliff.

Saturday and Sunday were happy days.

Monday was more than happy - Six Flags. Yes, I realize that I visit theme parks often, or so it seems. Normally I wouldn't bust out an extravagant trip as such, but come on, you gotta live a little! In fact, I bought a pass...gotta go all out! Anyways, went there with Billy, Bryan, the Projectionist, and Austin...the only let down was that X was closed. Ridiculous if you ask me. But there was hardly anyone there, so we had a blast hitting up Riddler's and Scream several times each.

Today...I was hit with reality again. I took an hour nap between classes. Also, the softball season is in full swing now and I will be as busy as ever.

I am currently sitting at Batstone's house, and the following is a video of the revelation of a glorious pen.

I understand that the sound quality is bad, so let me explain. Batstone's dad is a musician (Billy Batstone) who plays with Billy and Franklin Graham's ministries as well as at Harvest functions. Anyways, he went to Hong Kong and brought back a gospel pen, which is really a tract hidden within the pen. In the video Batstone is demonstrating the gospel in a Hong Kong pen. To clarify, at the end I say "it's Asian" after guessing all the wrong countries that it originated from.

Really glad that picture is just dark enough so you can't really see us. But don't worry, it's us. And finally, we are currently watching one of the worst movies ever: Speed 2.

Friday, February 15

Things are Falling from the Sky

I am currently sitting in class. Yes, I'm posting in class. Two minutes ago, our group conversations were rudely interrupted by a crashing beam falling from the ceiling. Okay....not a beam. But the entire overhead screen (one of those pulldown ones that completely cover the entire whiteboard...) fell almost on top of our professor. How ridiculous is that!

Wednesday, February 6


This is an uber post. Uber meaning, wow, this is amazing because it's short but it has three pictures.

Monday: in Downtown Disney, there is a lego shop. Inside the lego shop is this giant lego giraffe.

Tuesday: Bailey and I had dinner with the Batstone's. It was awesome. Yes, Bailey is really tall.

Today: Softball tryouts began. Mark, the team manager, and I clearly told the girls not to slide if they didn't know how or were not wearing proper attire. Some people just don't follow directions. I realize the following picture is rather it's smaller than the others. :-D And for the record, I have her permission to share that picture.

Monday, February 4

Bubble Wrap!

At Vanguard, we receive a daily dose of good, wholesome junk mail in our mailboxes. But on this particularly glorious day, my buddy Brandi received a package. Inside was a brand new, cheaper than anything that they sell in the bookstore book for one of her classes, and it was completely surrounded by bubble wrap! Now, usual bubble wrap is exciting and grants instant pleasure when you squeeze it, right? That's why it's AMAZING. Well, not Brandi's bubble wrap. Hers did not allow her instant gratification, but instead she was forced to squeeze it with all her might in order to pop one bubble! What is that!?!?!?!?!

This was her face BEFORE she realized that her bubble wrap was cursed:

Friday, February 1

Circle of Life

Well, these are some of my softball girls. They engage in various kinds of strenuous exercises and activities throughout the course of our conditioning sessions. As you can see in this picture, they are in the midst of doing some sweet leg lifts, which will help them continue to develop huge thighs and solid abs.
They're amazing. Tryouts start next week! woohoo!