Friday, April 24

A Small Feat

Ever have one of those "ah" moments? Like a moment where you're just caught so off guard that you have to stop and think about what just happened?
Yes, I experienced one of those moments yesterday with about 25 or more of my peers in class. Professor Austring, during his lecture, decided to draw a circle on the whiteboard to demonstrate a valuable lesson, all of our surprise, the circle was nearly perfect. Let's read that again....nearly perfect. If you were previously unaware, circles are extremely difficult to draw on a flat surface, let alone a whiteboard. According to Professor Austring, is skills can be attributed to endless doodling.
I realize the circle is nearly impossible to see due to my low-quality phone-camera shot, but I thought I would do my best to share the moment. I suggest clicking on the image below and trying hard to focus in on the black line....

Hopefully you can find it as entertaining and "ahh"ing as we all did in class.

Wednesday, April 22

Time Out!

Time Machine, anyone?

That's what Anika asked for earlier today, and I started thinking, actually...I would love it if time could just stand still. If I could do an hour's worth of work/play/fun/life and not lose any time. How glorious would that be? Or if time could just slow....I could do an hour's worth of life in maybe only 15 minutes. What a fabulous thought.

Ah yes, but unfortunately God has called us to live in this time zone, and I am currently just about pooped. Actually....I am. When I stop and think about it, I think...holy cow, what in the world is going on around me? I feel like I'm barely keeping up with the things that I want to do because of other obligations. What a tragedy! Is this what life is about? Going, doing, making, participating, collaborating....separately they're all great, but man. Everything at once is just getting to me. I feel that Jesus should return soon. Like tomorrow, before I have to give an oral presentation that I'm totally unprepared for. Tiny things like that...I just have no motivation for because I'm exhausted.

But tonight I started thinking...okay, it's only a season. It's only a season.

So....since it's only a season...I decided to share with you all a little girly thing about me since I don't often have indulgent moments. Now mind you I did not purchase these but I coveted a little in my heart. Believe it or not, I just like heels. I just like them. I don't wear them often because I can't be diverse in them and flexible and I can't run as well and...they don't really go with most of my clothes because I'm mostly casual. BUT I like them. They make me feel tall. And I think they're just fun to walk in. Anyways, I saw these beauties at Target and almost purchased them until I thought..."Bri, we're in a recession. You clearly do not need those." So I settled for a picture.

Also, I am pleased with the American Idol results that were displayed tonight. I feel they are just.

And...Billy and I are visiting his parents next weekend, maybe a break to this never ending rat race? :-) Sounds fabulous.

Tuesday, April 7

The Weekend Goes Green

The Weekend.
Such powerful words.
This year, the weekend went green, complete with a "Recycla-Bowl," which consisted of Dumpster Diving, of course, and other various recycling/trash themes throughout the events.
This year, I led a team with Billy,, Sarah, and Nikki! Woot!
Our team name: "The G's"
Our theme: Gangsta Geeks
Below you have the privelege of seeing a vital part of our wardrobe - BLING. I found this specimen for Billy to wear....he'll keep it for life.

That's right. It was awesome. Our skit/cheer can be seen at
Unfortunately, we did not have the joy and accolades that come along with winning because...we didn't win. The winning team was titled "The Teetah Tribe," you might imagine was complete with cannibals, hair-raising shrills, wild animals, and face paint. Kind of insane. But props to them for going all out!

Above is a picture taken during our night of worship/'s times like these when I realize, hey, this is why I love being a leader. When everything else goes away - the competitions, the cliques, the all melts away when our students come before the Lord and just pour their hearts out. What an amazing thing to be part of their lives. I absolutely love it!!!
This beauty is named Hyda. She is the beloved pet of the Brown family, who so graciously housed us girls....just thought I would share her joyous face with you all. Haha!!!
Anyways, just wanted to give a little update!!! Only have three weeks left of school! Hallelujah!