Friday, November 28

Truckers, Impressionists, and Tomlin

okay so for all you who have yet to experience and behold the glory of the mall hunt, the picture above basically sums it up. :-) we were only found once thanks to our double date partners josh and bailey! yay! and yes, billy's beard is in fact made of real hair, thus the authentic appearance. :-D

in this picture you can see batstone's intent focus on her impressionistic masterpiece during art admirable is her dedication!

i figured i should also give a view of both of our pieces....hers is of the palm trees in the background, mine of one of the benches including a fountain that is unseen in this picture. for our art class, we did our best to imitate the impressionist painters, and we had a blast!!

lastly, chris tomlin's cd "hello love" is awesome. definitely not as upbeat as some of his other stuff, but i absolutely love the lyrics and the orchestration! i just love it!

also...CHRISTMAS is coming. i love it!


Laura Bat said...

YES. This whole post is amazing. Best art class ever.
also, i made the picture of us together as my facebook default and put "college is hard" under the caption hahaha

Brianna said...

haha!! yes, watercolors in college. i love it. :-D

Rachel was like.... said...

o man. the one of batstone cracks me up! haha. i love it. Seems like college is really challenging you both right now. ;)