Thursday, August 28

Space Please!

Classes officially started yesterday! This semester promises to be extremely educational and yet very consuming as I am carrying 17 units once again. Today was exhilirating with a schedule consisting of: World Civilizations I, Intro to Theology, and Intro to Advanced Mathematics. I am actually really excited about this semester because my professors all seem to be passionate about their classes and I am interested in learning a variety of new things. Not to say my other professors haven't been passionate....maybe I should rephrase that: my professors this semester seem competently passionate about giving us a great atmosphere in which to thrive and succeed. :-) I'm already sounding more academic. Ha!

But this picture below you may find very amusing, or you may even be able to identify with it. Parking at Vanguard is very limited and very tight. My car is the one on the right, and some idiot decided to pull dangerously close to mine. Did they hit my car? I don't believe so. BUT, this is disturbing.
But as this semester gets underway, I'm evaluating where all my time is being spent...and to be honest, I'm running out of time. There's simply not enough to do all the things I love. How frustrating! People often tell me that it's good to have a lot of interests and be involved in a lot of things, but I'm beginning to believe that's not exactly true. I almost see my plethora of interests as a curse because I love too many things - how can you say no to something you love? Why should you have to? It's basically a big dilemma and I either have to be the best kept, most organized, on-top-of-it person, or I need to figure out a solution to my overflow of activities and interests.

Monday, August 18


Thank the Lord that Billy is home! He came home from Scotland on Saturday, and I finally got to see him yesterday morning...sweet reunion. I'm so happy he's back! It was awesome to just know that he's here in So. Cal and to spend the day with him yesterday! Yay! :-D

I also wanted to share this work of art with you, which was seen in a TJMaxx Home Goods store last Friday:

What does it mean?!!?!

Also, Music Camp started at school. Yee.
And lastly, I declared a Mathematics major today. Crazy.

Wednesday, August 13


Let me come clean and tell you:

I generally don't watch much of the Olympics when they come every four years, and I have yet to witness the incredible Opening Ceremonies of this year's games yet.

BUT I have had the opportunity to catch small portions of the festivities. I've decided to share some highlights as I sit here at work with absolutely nothing to do.

1) Dara Torres. Wonderwoman? Maybe. 41 years old. Swimming icon. She's absolutely ripped. Has a 2-year old daughter.
**** that I'm thinking about it...that means she had her daughter when she was 39. Ouch.

2) Michael Phelps eats 8,000-10,000 calories a day. That's insane. Also, I feel bad for the countries racing against him in any must be depressing to know the highest you can get is silver.

3) Beach Volleyball. I choose to believe that our female duo is dynamic and basically the best team ever. I also think it's ironic that the Chinese team trains with the USA coach here in Southern California. Not really sure how I feel about that. As long as USA still wins, I suppose it's cool.
****One of our women - Misty Mae, I think? - tattooed some basketball players' initials on her back because he was her idol or something? Personally I thought that was odd. She got to meet him at the games, which means she basically tattooed a stranger's initials on her body. Not even her own. Crazy!

4) Gymnastics. Dang. How nerve-wracking! Between the little girls that seriously look like they're 7 years old, and the crazy alternate guy who rocked it out on the pommel horse...not to mention the sweet bars for both men/ goodness. Last night we were bowling and watching the girls do the jump/twirlsomersault over the single bar or whatever (who knows what it's really called), and Carissa was evaluating each jump for me to explain how they're judged. How ridiculous!

Anyways. I wonder how people can afford to spend all their time focused on being an athlete. I suppose it's some sort of calling. Or just a passion thing?

I still have 2 hours to pass here at work...

Sunday, August 10


Yes, I have a habit of taking blurry pictures with my cell phone camera. HOWEVER, that is not the point. Today my parents went out and on a whim decided to purchase a ping pong table for our enjoyment and pleasure. How delightful, yes? Batstone was the first guest to experience this new addition to our home, and it was bundles of fun to put together with my dad. We soon realized that the Kettler (R) company who manufactured that table has sort of a pet name for it: the "tt-table." I thought, HM; Batstone thought, "oh table tennis! of course!" I was not so witty but assumed that she was correct. Therefore, I now refer to it as our tt-table, with tt-paddles, tt-balls, etc.

Saturday, August 9

Odds and Ends

So I've come to the realization that shopping is just downright depressing. I'm trying to somewhat redo my room...hoping to get some new bedding and a new nightstand or some sort of table. Simple, right? I thought so. But it seems that I'm too picky or don't really know what I want, because I don't like anything that's out. How frustrating!

I want color, happy, pixie dust, sparkles, smiley faces....something fun! haha. I suppose I'll find it if I look long and hard enough. Or at least that's what my mom says. :-)

But even through long days of searching, I found this little garden gnome figure in the garden section of Target and felt that it must be shared. So precious.

Friday, August 8

Let's Talk

So here I am innocently watching Everybody Loves Raymond, which has me laughing like no other...and a commercial comes on of this bride who is having the worst day ever on her wedding day.
1. She gets frustrated when she has to step over a bunch of dirty gross cans that are behind her car.
2. Her heel breaks, so she's walking with a limp.
3. Her veil gets torn off her head when she runs into a bushy vine hanging on an arbor.
4. Her flower girl ahead of her stops and runs back to give her a giant hug as she cries.
5. Someone sticks their cane into the aisle so she trips on it and falls.
6. She looks up and sees her groom being held back by his groomsmen, unable to help her as she sits in the aisle, helpless and upset.

Suddenly the screen says "How Would You Feel If You Couldn't Marry The One You Love?"

Of course, my emotions then turned from sympathy to anger.
This commercial was sponsored by, which is an organization fighting for gay marriage.
I find it very interesting that the organization decided to have a commercial on a HETEROsexual couple. Why? Because that's normal. Why? Because society recognizes that as the way it should be, and that's the audience they're trying to reach, I suppose. I visited the website and read a story of a couple who decided not to get married because their gay friends couldn't, so why should they enjoy their right when their gay friends can't?
I heard from Greg Koukl (Stand to Reason) that gays have the same rights everyone else has - to marry someone of the opposite sex. But now they want a special right.
The commercial was very manipulative, as most of them are. But it pretty much fired me up.

Tuesday, August 5


Okay so it's not a nuance. But I tried something new yesterday, and I'm almost ashamed to say so. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but here goes....I tried McDonald's Caramel Iced Coffee. Yes I did.

And actually I kind of lied because I do know how I feel about it. It was alright. Not amazing, not Starbucks, but not bad.

In more important news, Billy left for Scotland with a group of 25 from Ocean Hills on Sunday. It's weird without him here because I can't text or call him whenever I want! But he says that everything is going well so far...that God is already working through them. Still, I miss him a ton!

On top of that, my dad and brothers are in New York for Stephen's baseball team's tournament. They are doing really well and their game was even broadcasted online live today. Steve has hit three home runs. Yay!