Tuesday, June 3

More Fun at Work

Well here is my lovely desk....which I really am never at because I'm always elsewhere filing things or copying things or finding things.......etc. But it's sweet to say that I have a desk and even an extension. It makes me feel somewhat important, I guess you could say.
In other news, Billy and I are going to visit his parents next weekend! Yay! I'm stoked!


Mike Lutz said...

ok let me guess... an iced late, bowl of cereal, and a peanut granola bar? how close am I :)

Brianna said...

wow....pretty close! technically it's an iced caramel macchiato, but hey - how could you know when it's half empty? and it's a bowl of cantaloupe. haha. but yes to the peanut granola bar, which i must say are FABULOUS.