Wednesday, July 2

Take A Break

So on Monday I went out on the town with Batstone and Bailey...we toured Fashion Island, took a bunch of pictures with Bailey's sweet new camera, went to CPK ( it really only in California?), visited the pet store, etc.

Here are a few photographic highlights of our adventurous day:

Picture 1 shows the beginning of our extravaganza - homemade shave ice with special plastic elephant cups.

Picture 2 shows the most innocent looking puppy
poodle I've ever seen. Unfortunately for him, I'm not much of a poodle fan, else I might have bought him myself.

Picture 3 shows a hot new trend in the realm of toymakers nationwide, and especially in Southern California. To the right you see an attractice, colorful toy that has numerous buttons to push. For example, each of the animals is a button, and when you press it, a man's voice tells you what animal you're touching. Same with the numbers on the bottom.

But this toy has a special feature that attracts multiple audiences: it is bilingual.

Picture 4 gives you an idea of a cookie-in-a-jar recipe gone wrong. Those wonderful cookie dough ingredient jars are not always so trustworthy. Well seasoned bakers like Carrie would know that flour goes in last....but how do you put the flour in last if it's the top ingredient in the jar? Nevertheless, we enjoyed a gooey, texture-y mixture of cookie dough with vanilla ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

wow! the coockie dough looks pretty gross... remember, always follow the recipe.


Mr. follow the instructions