Friday, August 28

Racing Through

Ah yes, the race of life.

Here's a picture description of life for me during the past month or so.

I started working at the law office with my mom again, like I did last summer! Here I am in the glorious state of snacking on Chex Mix while going through mounds of paperwork.

I got a flat tire a few weeks ago! Lame, my tire just popped one day.

Brian kindly changed my tire, while David stood by and watched. David is taking "man" lessons currently so that he can change Raquel's tire one day when she gets a flat.

Bailey and Josh moved into their new apartment a while back...and now that they're MARRIED (!!) they'll be actually living there together. Also, there will be more pictures to come of their wedding...I'm just waiting til they get back from their glorious honeymoon to post some good ones. :)
Besides all that, I started school, which is going to be crazy. I learned that I get annoyed easily by new people that are desperate to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Currently, I am trying to figure out why I am so easy to talk to and why people enjoy pouring their life story out to me. I'm not heartless, really. I'm not. Do I mind hearing from them? Not really. But why? Maybe it's just the way that I talk. I truly am interested in who they are and what they're about...but then it gets to the point where...the conversation hits a wall. And I'm fine with it hitting a wall. Unfortuantely, the other person climbs the wall and scampers into another conversation land that I simply just don't want. Batstone always tells me that I'm too nice. Is that true? I don't know. What did Jesus do when he encountered annoying people?
Sorry for the ramble.

Sunday, August 16

Crystal Lewis sang at Ocean Hills today, so obviously my day started out great. As my childhood hero, she still has a special place in my heart. Haha okay but really, I was stoked to be able to sit in the service and just relax in hearing the Lord's Word.

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Wednesday, August 5


I have recently rekindled my fondness for reading, which has been to the absolute edification of my mind, heart, and soul. I have discovered a phenomenal author with whom many of you may already be familiar.

Francine Rivers is perhaps the most dynamic author I have had the pleasure of encountering.

Until this point, my favorite book has been the classic Pride and Prejudice; I doubt that Jane Austen's masterpiece shall be dethroned from number one in my mind any time soon.

However, Mrs. Rivers had absolutely captured my attention and challenged me to encounter God's love, forgiveness, understanding, suffering, and truth. I first read "Redeeming Love," which is a depiction of the love that Hosea showed to his wife, who was a prostitute. "Redeeming Love" is set in a more modern era and is recounted from the perspective of Gomer, Hosea's wife (though she has a different name in Rivers' book). In "Redeeming Love," God's love is so clearly demonstrated through the character of Michael Hosea in a way that I had never imagined or visualized so clearly before. It is truly a gift.

The story being an analogy, of course, as to the unconditional love that God has for his children caused me to be so grateful for the Lord's ever forgiving nature and loving character. The woman, Angel (as her name is in the book) is blinded and calloused, unable to feel and experience the tremendous love that her husband offers her, and yet he eventually breaks through her shell and she is able to reap all of the benefits of having his love poured into her. I realize that it's "just a book," but it honestly gave me the opportunity to personally recognize the powerful God that I serve, and that I take for granted.

Secondly, I just finished "The Atonement Child," which deals with the arguments regarding abortion, but in a very real, challenging situation: the life of a college student. The way that Francine Rivers writes causes her readers to be caught up in every moment of the book. I honestly finished the book in only a few hours because it was so incredibly engaging. The storyline involves not only hard decisions but it also deals with unspoken sins, bitterness, envy, legalism, and so many prevalent issues that must be dealt with today. Especially family quarrels and disagreements, misguided counseling, and so many other things that undermine our freedom as Christians come to light in this book.

I have just begun "The Last Sin Eater," but I am hopeful that it will be as rivetting as the first two I've read.

What an inspiring woman! Francine, you are amazing. :-) Thank God there are women like Francine who aren't afraid to attack the untouched issues in society today and make them powerfully relevant.
I encourage you to check out Francine Rivers. :) Incredible.