Thursday, August 28

Space Please!

Classes officially started yesterday! This semester promises to be extremely educational and yet very consuming as I am carrying 17 units once again. Today was exhilirating with a schedule consisting of: World Civilizations I, Intro to Theology, and Intro to Advanced Mathematics. I am actually really excited about this semester because my professors all seem to be passionate about their classes and I am interested in learning a variety of new things. Not to say my other professors haven't been passionate....maybe I should rephrase that: my professors this semester seem competently passionate about giving us a great atmosphere in which to thrive and succeed. :-) I'm already sounding more academic. Ha!

But this picture below you may find very amusing, or you may even be able to identify with it. Parking at Vanguard is very limited and very tight. My car is the one on the right, and some idiot decided to pull dangerously close to mine. Did they hit my car? I don't believe so. BUT, this is disturbing.
But as this semester gets underway, I'm evaluating where all my time is being spent...and to be honest, I'm running out of time. There's simply not enough to do all the things I love. How frustrating! People often tell me that it's good to have a lot of interests and be involved in a lot of things, but I'm beginning to believe that's not exactly true. I almost see my plethora of interests as a curse because I love too many things - how can you say no to something you love? Why should you have to? It's basically a big dilemma and I either have to be the best kept, most organized, on-top-of-it person, or I need to figure out a solution to my overflow of activities and interests.

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Anonymous said...

I think I was the idiot that parked so close to you, sorry... I hope you're forgiving of idiots.