Tuesday, October 14

Another Trendy Turbo-Blog

So I seem to have this trend now to where I only blog once every couple weeks or so...but man, these blogs are just loaded with goodness!
So first things first!
Billy and I have been together six months as of Saturday - yay! It seems crazy that it's gone so fast! But it just keeps getting better and better....I love you Billy!
We celebrated on Friday and spent the day together just chilling - getting shave ice, working on our AWESOME Snoopy puzzle, exploring the candy store, etc. For the record, Powell's candy shoppe is pretty phenomenal.
On Saturday, we took a trip to Mexico with some peeps (ha) from church, and did some construction work for a guy who is building a house for his family down there!
This is before:

This is after:

And it may not look like much, but let me tell you we leveled that dirt pretty well...and it wasn't just dirt, it was 60% rock; 40%dirt that flew through the wind and directly into our lungs.
Also this is the concrete that was poured to finish part of the foundation:

NEXT on the list to talk about is my first Sushi experience! It was crazy! Way better than I expected it to be, and I wouldn't mind having it more often! Billy took me to this sweet Japanese cuisine in Dana Point called Maki Yaki, and I have to admit that it was delish!

And lastly...I was in Batstone's room today and was shocked to see the amount of jewelry that one person can own and absolutely NEED to have...that person being her roommate. Check out this insanity - tons of jewelry all organized into these little compartments, hanging on the back of her closet door. Hm.

That is all.


Laura Bat said...

hahah hopefully my roommates never see this. it would be creepy. hahah. Can you send me, or post or something, those pictures of us with the planes?? Love youuu

Rachel was like.... said...

o thats so cool!! and ur sushi looks good. and im going to guess thats nikki's closet door. then again it could just as easily be kylies from what i understand..but that is very nikki.
o. and sorry. i honestly didnt tell anyone that i died my har. it was very spurr of the moment. lol. lets hang out soon!