Monday, April 28

Wisdom from Home Depot

Yes, this sign is along the side of the line for Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
I found it to be extremely informational and rather entertaining also.

Tuesday, April 22

Raggedy Shortcake

This beloved painting is hanging in my friend Bailey's house. I think it's a great picture of what I would imagine Raggedy Ann would look like if she was combined with Strawberry Shortcake. Let me also just say that is a creepy painting in real life.

Monday, April 14

Fun Stuff


As of Friday, Billy and I are dating.
I am stoked. Pretty sure he is too.
That's a lie, we're both excited. :-D

I felt you should know. That's all for today. :-)

Wednesday, April 9

Hand dryers, revisited

No, I never visited hand dryers in the first place, but "revisited" sounds more epic than not.

Geez, a month? Yes, I am here, and yes, I am doing well!

I've only got a few weeks left in this semester, which I'm stoked about because I've been SO incredibly busy! I'm definitely ready for a break.

Also, I feel you should know that this is the greatest hand dryer ever, last seen and experienced in a Carl's Jr. in Corona. It comes complete with a set of instructions.

Hopefully you'll be able to experience this glorious contraption at one of your frequent fast food stops. Once the idea catches on, we will have no more awkward experiences while drying hands.
Never again will you have to wipe your hands on your clothing after struggling to get the motion detector to respond to your frantic, wet, waving hands. No longer will you have to cringe as you pump the wet handle that everyone else has used throughout the day...that is dripping with water. Nor will you have to struggle to pull only one towel at a time from the little stack sitting by the sink, which has already drenched the bottom half of the stack.
Get the picture? This is phenomenal.