Monday, December 22

Hello! Finals are over, the semester is complete, and I finished really well, so I'm stoked! My Aunt Karen and Uncle Sean brought their four kids out here from Arizona on Friday, and we've been having a blast with them as a Christmas festivity until they leave tomorrow to head home! For their first day here, we decided it would be a grand idea and opportune timing to also put in wood flooring in our downstairs, so we put the family to work!

As you can see, even the little ones participated in the fun, and we got everything moved successfully! The wood floors look really good, too! The only letdown is that our beloved dog, Da Wuff, doesn't care for the clickety-clackety sound that her paws make on the wood. She has become very fearful, so in order to get her to go outside, we made a little road of carpets for her. :-) Hopefully poor Da Wuff will get over her wood-phobia!
But we are all having a blast - we've been playing games like "Imaginiff..." which is loads of fun, especially for us family people who just enjoy teasing and making fun of each other. Such family love! :-) They also brought the movie "Three," which is based on Ted Dekker's book, and I thought it was amazing! Not your typical low-budget Christian feel-good film. haha!

I also just wanted to include this madness - Billy and I had breakfast at Jeff and Jenna's, where this sign is happily parked outside their little park area. I found it entertaining.

And finally, we celebrated Denae's birthday at Downtown Disney's Rainforest Cafe last Thursday and we took some fun pictures, but I currently have misplaced my camera and cannot upload any to report our adventures....I'll work on that. :-)

We're headed to Utah on Friday for our winter retreat...both my brothers are coming too! Should be a blast!

Monday, December 8

Finals Shminals

Yes, it is the dreaded finals week.

No, I should not be taking the time to blog.

BUT I just wanted to make a brief social comment regarding the amount of paper towels used unnecessarily on a daily basis. I believe nearly every single person uses 1-3 paper towels for every bathroom visit. Shouldn't there be a way to stop such wasteful usage?