Tuesday, March 31

Extreme Days

I think I may have titled another blog "Extreme Days" once. If so, these days are well worth another title of the same. There have been a ton of things going on, especially with church and school! I thought the quote above was pretty sweet.
This semester is nearly over, just 5 weeks left. I cannot wait for the summer, except that I need to find a job somehow or at least find a couple summer classes to take in order to keep on track with my 4-year plan at Vanguard.

I realized that I am basically halfway done with my college experience, and I am really excited to get it done and get on to my career! I cannot wait to teach, and I'm really just trusting that God is going to get me through the next couple semesters 'cause I have a lot of rough math coursework ahead of me.

At church, there are a lot of things going on, as always. The Weekend is this weekend, starting Thursday, so we're all setting up tomorrow night and still trying to come up with clever team names and themes to get the students all excited. It's kind of hard to be excited, though, because I'm so tired at the same time!

Billy and I have been trying to just keep up and keep going...Sundays are our hardest days simply because we're at church for almost 12 hours. Needless to say, that can get pretty draining. On the bright side, we are both excited about Depth and excited to continue to see it grow. Also, a week from Saturday we'll be celebrating 1 year together, which...I must say is quite an accomplishment. We're both really It feels like it's been only a few months...time goes by so fast!
Back at home, our little dog as morphed quite nicely into our family, complete with the constant yapping and running around and licking and biting...he is quite the little man. Ben is driving...much better than I ever have, and both Ben and Steve are still crazy good baseball players. It's sweet to watch them grow up, but weird at the same time. My parents are just investing in us every single day...working a lot to make sure that we get the best.

Today I sang the national anthem at Calvary's softball game, which they dedicated to the lovely Mrs. Huffman as a result of her battle with breast cancer. It's always great to see people from "the olden days" of high school, both fellow students and administrators, old teammates and coaches, girls that I's just awesome and I absolutely loved it. I love the community atmosphere there. :)

Anyways, kind of a reflective post with only 1 picture... Sorry about that, just felt like saying something. :)

Also, 24 is throwing me for way too many loops...Lost...what the heck? American Idol - go Danny. The Office...oh Michael.

Yes, somehow I manage to watch all those.

Tuesday, March 10


Yes, obsession. Are obsessions bad? Sometimes obsessions are synonymous with addictions, and some addictions are harmful. But....obsessions? I'm not sure. This particular obsession may be connected with a higher concern that is generally titled as gluttony, but even that is a little excessive for my infatuation.

Okay, sorry. What am I talking about? Simply this:

In the Cove at school, I often purchase this delectable treat with my salad and drink for lunch. Why? White chocolate! Marcela, my lovely lady friend who works at the Cove, tells me that there are only two people on campus that buy this candy bar regularly, and because of us, they continue to keep it stocked. So the result then, is that I feel obligated to buy it. Do I feel guilty? No, I love it.

Just thought I would share.
Also, Spring Break is next week.

Thursday, March 5

Breakin' It Down

Fact: 65% of people are visual learners.
Implication: People are more attracted to visual aids and images instead of words.
Conclusion: Use more pictures.

For the following post I will use fragments to describe pictures in an attempt to get your attention. Please excuse me as I overlook grammatical structure.

At Disneyland, adorable man

Disneyland, Toy Story, high scores, adorable man wins

Bailey's bday trip, Huntington Library/Gardens

Fulfilled dream, weeping willow

Fish lips, fish eye lens, Batstone not so much

Children's tunnel, good times

More professional pics at Bailey's blog.

It's been a crazy week and the weekend is practically upon us once again. Also, I can't believe we're already changing our clocks again on Saturday....Hope you guys are doing well!