Wednesday, August 13


Let me come clean and tell you:

I generally don't watch much of the Olympics when they come every four years, and I have yet to witness the incredible Opening Ceremonies of this year's games yet.

BUT I have had the opportunity to catch small portions of the festivities. I've decided to share some highlights as I sit here at work with absolutely nothing to do.

1) Dara Torres. Wonderwoman? Maybe. 41 years old. Swimming icon. She's absolutely ripped. Has a 2-year old daughter.
**** that I'm thinking about it...that means she had her daughter when she was 39. Ouch.

2) Michael Phelps eats 8,000-10,000 calories a day. That's insane. Also, I feel bad for the countries racing against him in any must be depressing to know the highest you can get is silver.

3) Beach Volleyball. I choose to believe that our female duo is dynamic and basically the best team ever. I also think it's ironic that the Chinese team trains with the USA coach here in Southern California. Not really sure how I feel about that. As long as USA still wins, I suppose it's cool.
****One of our women - Misty Mae, I think? - tattooed some basketball players' initials on her back because he was her idol or something? Personally I thought that was odd. She got to meet him at the games, which means she basically tattooed a stranger's initials on her body. Not even her own. Crazy!

4) Gymnastics. Dang. How nerve-wracking! Between the little girls that seriously look like they're 7 years old, and the crazy alternate guy who rocked it out on the pommel horse...not to mention the sweet bars for both men/ goodness. Last night we were bowling and watching the girls do the jump/twirlsomersault over the single bar or whatever (who knows what it's really called), and Carissa was evaluating each jump for me to explain how they're judged. How ridiculous!

Anyways. I wonder how people can afford to spend all their time focused on being an athlete. I suppose it's some sort of calling. Or just a passion thing?

I still have 2 hours to pass here at work...

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Laura Bat said...

hahah. i am truly enjoying the olympics. truly. maybe we can become TT masters.