Tuesday, November 4

My Vote

***REVISED. Billy informed me that this post makes me sound like a Democrat and an Obama-voter. I am not. This is merely a response to Obama's victory.***

Obama. How does that sound? President Obama. I bet he's doing that right now.
I listened to John McCain's speech...that must be ridiculously hard to get up in front of everyone who had your back, knowing that it was basically all for nothing. That's definitely not a place that I ever want to be in.

I must say, though, I voted for the first time today, and it felt great! I was enamored by the electronic stations and astonished that everything is so easy.
Another event that impacted me today was that my cell phone battery ceased all life forms after only a few hours' use. Why? Because it's technology and it's not fail-proof.

Both those events - voting electronically and my phone battery dying made me think about what life must have been like before technology took over the world and captured mankind's full attention.
I felt so stressed just because my phone was not on. Why? I would think I should feel happiness and freedom because no one can reach me...I don't have to worry about responding to any texts, picking up any calls, returning any calls...sounds pretty stress-free. But then again, the major downside of it was....I couldn't call or text others...and what about the people who I needed to talk to? Such a predicament!
Does technology really rule our lives? Sometimes it feels like it...or at least it has way too high of a priority on my list in some cases.

President Obama. Hm.

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Raquel said...

I really like your style of writing Bri. I've just discovered your blog and I just love it! You're a hoot. ;)