Tuesday, September 30


Yesterday morning at Starbucks, Batstone, Kaitlin, and I observed this woman's skill for selecting shoes. It's sort of like a shock system that you would see on a bike, and yet it has sort of a high-heel effect....I'm just gonna call them "spring shoes" for now. Again, I apologize for blurry cell phone pictures, but on each heel of these classy sandals is a giant spring. Wonder if the comfort is as good as it looks.

Also, Billy and I witnessed this sign on the side of the Subway building by his apartment..."Acrobatic or hazardous skateboarding is prohibited".....???!!! What qualifies as acrobatic, I wonder?

As you can see, Billy was blown away and confused by aforesaid sign and was caught off guard. Here he is pictured carefully pondering what delicious sub he should partake of. Don't worry, he made an excellent choice: Meatball Sub on Honey Oat Bread. MMmm. I've never had it, but I hear it's quite a hit. Also he's sporting a hat! Woot! :-)

Sunday, September 21

This is a reason why

I live at home for many reasons, most of which are economic. However I realized another reason today: At home, I can be surprised by awesome edible gifts from my mom. Such as Reese's. Amazing.
ALSO. I bought this new CD by Vicky Beeching. It's kind of old...from 2002, but you know, it's absolutely wonderful! I love it because it's powerful, fun, upbeat, catchy, and female worship leaders are hard to come by. Of course you have Darlene Zsecschhsseh (or however you spell her last name), and then you have Brooke Fraser, whose music is just quality stuff....and now I have found Vicky Beeching. Check her out. :-)

Friday, September 12

Look Out!

Okay so check this. I have so much to say, I'm just gonna keep it compact and to the point.

Point 1.

What the heck is this?! We looked at it in "Intro to the Arts" and supposedly you should see a human figure descending a staircase. I have looked and looked and looked....and to no avail. Just needed to share my frustration.
Point 2.

I was talking with Brandi about a profound system of complimenting people. Consider this: It's a compliment to be called fat.
Why? Listen carefully. If people are willing to joke with you and call you fat, obviously you're skinny enough that the statement can only be taken as ridiculous. Therefore, if people are teasing you and calling you fat, you should consider it an honor because that inherently means you're skinny.
If....people are jerks and call you fat and you are fat, then you should consider yourself an exception to this observation. Along the same lines, if people never joke around and call you fat...maybe you should think twice about why they don't.

Point 3.

Speaking of Brandi, her blog is awesome.

Point 4.

Also speaking of Brandi, we observed this giant red taco in the window of Taco Bell as we drove through for her to get some delicious nachos for herself. Odd. I am fairly certain I am forever uninterested in eating a Volcano Taco merely because it has a red shell. Their advertising technique on this one is driving me away.

Point 5.

Let's get a little political. Obama. I only heard about this magazine cover a few days ago and since then I have begun to see it as a very interesting political cartoon. Have you seen it? Pretty intriguing.

What does that mean to you? How does that make you feel?

Point 6.

Remember those promised pics from my birthday? Here are a couple. :-)

Point 7.

Also, here's a couple pictures from Billy's and my birthday date... :-)

Point 8.

We've been together 5 months as of yesterday! Woot!
Point 9.

Interface started last Wednesday! We are going through two separate books: "Captivating" for the girls, "Wild at Heart" for the guys. I'm really excited to lead the Freshmen/Sophomore girls with Raquel and I think the Lord has a lot in store for us!!!
Point 10.

I purchased some new music from iTunes including Chris Tomlin's new album entitled "Hello Love." It is proving to be a great purchase!