Wednesday, January 13

You're a revolution, I wanna be...


I first saw and experienced this wonderful masterpiece of a contraption at Pei Wei, which is incredible, by the way. (Rhyming not intentional.) I loved the machine because it allowed me to receive one of the best sodas of all time: Vanilla Coke.
Now, Rubio's has always been good to me by maintaining their supply of Vanilla Coke in their regular fountain drink selection. I went there specifically for that purpose, and was amazed to see that they, too, have implemented this wonder!

If you haven't seen this machine in action, it is quite incredible because it allows you to choose from a variety of genaric sodas at the first menu. After you make your selection, it directs you to another array of options, which are syrups to add to your previously selected soda. AMAZING! For example, I chose Coke. Then I had the option to choose: Cherry Coke, Lime Coke, Vanilla Coke, Raspberry Coke, and Orange Coke. Why someone would drink Orange Coke, I have no idea, but it's an option.

Wednesday, January 6

Two things.

What's a life coach? I want one.