Wednesday, August 25

Closet Readers

Come out. I mean seriously. I know you're there because you've told me.

Clearly this is not a chair. But it felt as good as one after I stuffed myself at the Cheesecake Factory after a dinner celebration of Pops' birthday. He prides himself on the perspective of this picture so I figured I'd give him a shout out.

Now on to the chair. The chair you see here is orange, well cushioned, and generally finds itself sitting alone and unattended in the foyer of the women's bathroom at church. Miss Maldonado decided it should go on stage during Frequency tonight so that Kevin could speak sitting down. More of a chill family talk, right? So here's Zack, who practically begged me to put this picture up. Here you go.

Let me just tell you, this chair gets mad props just for being old-fashioned looking and cool. Grandma's don't really sit in that sort of chair, so I felt kinda like a Grandpa about to read a story or something when I sat in it. But due to the cushion on this thing and the incredibly cultured look it has, this chair gets a 4. The comfort isn't superb, but it's the vibe that counts. I almost feel like I should name it. Too sentimental? :)

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Jack talks smack said...

it's morbid but it left me thinking that somehow at certain point in time, a man/woman owned such a chair, sat on it for how many ever times, then died later on in life. it's basically like wearing clothes that belong to a dead person. good times. :)