Tuesday, August 10

Fat Free

Well, vlogging is maybe my newest favorite hobby.

Though it's not mentioned in the video, the chair I was sitting in was one of those green, metal seats that are almost always outside your local strip mall. This chair is the ultimate prank, so it would seem. It's like if you got asked out on a date and said yes out of some sort of obligation and decided you wanted to sit outside. Did you really want to sit outside? No, you just said that so your dinner would be faster. These chairs are literally so uncomfortable after the first 30 seconds that you're constantly trying to sit in a different way just to last 30 more seconds in that seat. It's like a game. I rate it a 1. It still serves its purpose of providing seating, AND there are even "arm rests," if you can call them that. (Your arms do not feel rested, nor will they ever after using said "arm rests".) But there is no comfort. And yet I've sat there countless times. Must be the food that keeps bringing me back.

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jack yang said...

golden spoon vs cold stone

i pick cold stone hands down.