Monday, August 23

Chair Over Food

Chair next in line: Del Taco.

Now I realize the great controversy between Del Taco and Taco Bell is still raging; however, I refuse to pick a side for good. Sometimes one sounds better than the other. Both are equally gross, I think, in a weird desirable way. Regardless of the quality of their food, I was focused on the chair. As I'm sure you've noticed, these chairs are not made for people to enjoy a luxurious meal. Literally this chair receives a 0.9. I cannot bear to give it a 1 simply because it really did suck. I constantly wanted to lean backwards in it just to create a distraction for my mind. Subconsciously I was hoping to focus more on balance rather be miserable sitting there on such an awful chair. Now that I think about it, maybe 0.9 is a little generous. IS purple.... :)

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