Wednesday, September 8


Get some tissues.

Well, don't get your panties all up in a bunch just cause I haven't updated for a couple weeks - school started and life has launched back into its hectic routine. I have a few pictures/videos to catch you up on in regards to my chair blog, but at the moment I haven't the time to enlighten you with them all. Therefore I must simply give you this: a video of a few dogs in a car next to Faith and I as we drove to get some boba.
Take a look at these little beauties.


jy said...


miss maldonado said...

did you drool while watching this jy??

miss maldonado said...

hmm ya that was pretty mean, i apologize jy..

Brianna said...

hahahahahaha i love that you basically redacted your statement two days later...miss maldonado. a guilty conscience eh? ;)

miss maldonado said...

yep it haunted me in my sleep;)