Monday, August 23

You must understand, I am not a self-proclaimed artist. I am also not proclaimed an artist by anyone else. It's well understood that I am not born to draw or paint or sculpt. I do however enjoy little humorous things as you might have guessed. At Music Camp with Vanguard this year, our teams were named according to big cities in the world, and our overall theme was "Greater Things Are Yet to Come," a phrase in a popular Tomlin hit called "God of This City." So me and my other two teams leaders, Brooke and Julee, created our team poster in a short amount of time - they painted and drew, and I worked on the little beauty you see below.

I would have liked to dress up as him as a team mascot, but didn't have the time. Or energy. Or money. :) Still, he makes me laugh, especially his teeth.


jack attack said...

lol i don't see the association between the camp theme and that "thing" you drew... chuckles..

Miss Maldonado said...

my long lost cousin!!