Saturday, August 14

Back to VU

Well, starting yesterday I headed back to school to be a part of the leadership team for Music Camp, which starts next week. I admittedly was depressed having to get up and go there yesterday morning, but when I got there, my depression was lifted and instead I was filled with joy at seeing everyone again. One such individual was my friend Michael Tavani, pictured to the right. Tavani was part of our China team where people in all provinces equated him with Captain Jack Sparrow.
Anyways, I was showing my new Flip to him and he shot the following video.

In other news, last night David Karstens proved himself as a fire/grill master as you can see in this picture. I redact my former statements about his inability to do manly things in my blog about my flat tire which he may or may not have helped me with.

And furthermore, my mom planted sunflowers to grow in our backyard, one of which has decided to open up and it is absolutely breathtaking. Sunflowers are so amazing. I still am on a quest to find a field of them, by the way.


jack said...

there are sunflower fields in nor cal all over sacramento valley :)

Brianna said...

WHAT. I must go.