Monday, August 9

A Real Chair?

I purchased a Flip today, an UltraHD 2nd Gen. 120min. Flip. I'm not sure if this is better than the minoHD yet or not.

To piggyback off of my recorded assessment of the dollar theater chair, I must say that my estimated value of the chair has since been redacted. It is no longer a 3.8, but a 1. Through the endurance of our movie, I felt the constant necessity to move in order to quench the discomfort caused to my back due to the chair. Though I still believe the discomfort is justified by me only paying $2, I am displeased with the "upgraded" look at the dollar theater. The chairs may look cooler, but the older, sketchier cloth ones were more tolerable than the current faux leather ones.


ILiveOnDrPepper said...

Completely agreed! When I was there two weeks ago, I was like "sweet! new, snazzy looking chairs!" But.. that was about as far as my excitement went.. Watching a 2 hour movie there was not amazing at all.. Although I guess they're excited to be able to clean the chairs with Windex now? lol

jack yang said...

lol 3.8 to a 1

jack yang said...

haha "va-log"

word verification: "redne" (missing a "ck")

Brianna said...

holy cow KW - haven't heard from you or seen you in such a long time! hope you're doing well! and yes, i'm glad we agree on the chair quality. at least they dont' smell funky.

jack - thanks for identifying yourself. and yeah, thanks for catching the vlog shoutout. said...

best blog yet!
and the new theme is looking supa fly!
almost as fly as ur racing shades but not there yet. hahah