Wednesday, February 6


This is an uber post. Uber meaning, wow, this is amazing because it's short but it has three pictures.

Monday: in Downtown Disney, there is a lego shop. Inside the lego shop is this giant lego giraffe.

Tuesday: Bailey and I had dinner with the Batstone's. It was awesome. Yes, Bailey is really tall.

Today: Softball tryouts began. Mark, the team manager, and I clearly told the girls not to slide if they didn't know how or were not wearing proper attire. Some people just don't follow directions. I realize the following picture is rather it's smaller than the others. :-D And for the record, I have her permission to share that picture.

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mom said...

The giraffe would look great at dad's office in! You three look like you always are having fun.. and the knee, you should have brought your knee photo when stressing the importance of sliding properly! ;) Sure hope you had medicine for her...