Friday, February 22


What is WCO, you ask?

Well that's easy: Whip Cream Overload.

You would think she'd wipe off the excess, she handed it to me, she just said, "Sorry about that." And I said, "It's cool.....I guess...."

Secondly, I love almost all furry creatures. (I'll be happy to provide a list of the ones I'm not too fond of should anyone request it.) Well this delightfully cute little one decided to scamper around me as I walked through campus yesterday. It made me smile.

Thirdly....on Thursday nights we have our college study at Ocean Hills. We normally go out afterwards for dinner, but ever since Lost started back up again, we normally go to Jon's to watch Lost. Last night, however, Carissa's family generously offered their house and a lot of food to us, so we naturally raced over to her house after service and enjoyed some delicious food and great fellowship. Amid our glorious time, decided it would be a great idea to mess with Billy. I'm uncertain as to exactly what he did the first time, but on the second time, sneaked up behind Billy and started breathing on him (WHO DOES THAT?!). Billy, of course, responded in love and put into a headlock and then proceeded to tickle him relentlessly as well as torture him in other respectable ways. loved it.

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