Wednesday, February 27

The K-man

On Saturday I was at Jeff's apartment to record some stuff for Ocean Hills' worship album. I went into it with not-so-great of an attitude, expecting it to take forever and consist of a bunch of redos. Thankfully it did not turn out that way because Jeff is amazing and has the best program in the world.

I literally played an electric piano that was hooked up to the computer. The computer program then had the capacity to WRITE out all of the notes that I was playing within the key and time signatures that I was playing in. It was amazing! And even when I made a mistake, another part of the program allowed Jeff to merely switch a few notes to make it sound perfect! I was so happy!

But what made me equally happy was his desk. He has an arrangement of all sorts of novelty items including this wonderful object:

Needless to say, Dwight, among other things, made my day soar with happiness.

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