Tuesday, February 19

Dynamic Recap

So. Just came off a three-day weekend, which was glorious.

Friday: Hit up D-land with Billy, Bailey, Lindy, Bryan, and the Projectionist. Amazing. We went exploring at the Brother Bear exhibit...which I must admit, I don't remember it being so fun before. I went into it with a hesitant attitude, but I was pleasantly surprised to have my heart filled with joy as I ran across netting and crawled through pipes and scaled the wall of a man-made cliff.

Saturday and Sunday were happy days.

Monday was more than happy - Six Flags. Yes, I realize that I visit theme parks often, or so it seems. Normally I wouldn't bust out an extravagant trip as such, but come on, you gotta live a little! In fact, I bought a pass...gotta go all out! Anyways, went there with Billy, Bryan, the Projectionist, and Austin...the only let down was that X was closed. Ridiculous if you ask me. But there was hardly anyone there, so we had a blast hitting up Riddler's and Scream several times each.

Today...I was hit with reality again. I took an hour nap between classes. Also, the softball season is in full swing now and I will be as busy as ever.

I am currently sitting at Batstone's house, and the following is a video of the revelation of a glorious pen.

I understand that the sound quality is bad, so let me explain. Batstone's dad is a musician (Billy Batstone) who plays with Billy and Franklin Graham's ministries as well as at Harvest functions. Anyways, he went to Hong Kong and brought back a gospel pen, which is really a tract hidden within the pen. In the video Batstone is demonstrating the gospel in a Hong Kong pen. To clarify, at the end I say "it's Asian" after guessing all the wrong countries that it originated from.

Really glad that picture is just dark enough so you can't really see us. But don't worry, it's us. And finally, we are currently watching one of the worst movies ever: Speed 2.

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