Thursday, April 22


It occurred to me today that perhaps my blog also needs a makeover. Maybe that will help you folks read my clever articles with ease and inspire you to keep reading.
I'll have to work on that.
Now, I need to let you all know that I'm committed to this series of facial expression commentaries, and I simply love the picture I'm about to share with you. At Thee Weekend, our youth event that happened a couple of weekends ago now, I was allowing dear little Kasey to play with my camera and take pictures with me. Little girls like that sort of thing, you know.

Here are a couple shots of me that resulted from this shoot:

This being the first one, you can't blame her for cutting off my chin partially, and all in all, I think she has captured my very soul with this picture. Here are a few revelations I picked up on: my face is shaped like a peanut. My eyes can be large. I have no upper lip. The onion head appearance is simply due to my costume, so don't be deceived - that hairdo doesn't really reflect my soul.

Sometimes, in order to take a step forward, you have to first take a step back. Some idiot said that, but it sort of fits the situation. I told Kasey to hold it higher so as to capture the entirety of my face, and clearly she did not quite execute this picture as planned. In this, the picture exemplifies similar facial features to that of the first, however, I really appreciate the accentuation of the lines in my forehead. My goal of being misidentified as decades older than my real age is partially accomplished in this photograph.

This last photo is practically a masterpiece. I don't even know how to describe it.


Miss Maldonado said...

The facial transformation in the lower neck region is truly ridiculous, what a shicken!

Mom said...

You are simply ridiculous - I hope you never lose that quality about you! I LOVE You!!