Tuesday, April 27


This is to innundate you with a wonderful dose of happiness for your day/night, whatever time you may find yourself reading this. I must say that this series just brings me great joy.

If you didn't know, my parents read my blog...(my dad is normally the one with anonymous comments that sound sort of creepy/stalker-like....he doesn't mean to come across that way). Anyways, I decided that it would be great to feature them and their wonderful versatile personalities. This picture comes as a result of me having dinner with them a few months back. It continues to bring a smile to my face.

HA! Clearly they have a direct influence over my tendency to make deliberate faces. My mom normally makes that face when she's calling for one of the dogs to come to her. She draws them in with her enticing smile, but...AHA! She really wants to give them a bath and has successfuly tricked them. My dad actually normally makes that face when he's in shock after hearing some catastrophe that my brothers have committed...

Wow, what goofy people. I almost think it's better not to comment on these and just to let you guys appreciate them. I crack up every time I see funny faces like this, gotta be honest. Kinda looks like my mom just got out of a Botox session and my dad's the doctor who did the procedure.

Also, figured you might appreciate this work of "modern art." Instead of doing Calculus, James decided to peel his orange as such, in a polka dotted pattern.

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