Thursday, April 8

A New Life

Well, no need to waste any time! Ben convinced mom with few words and a couple personal visits to the shelter that two dogs just didn't feel right with Da Wuff gone.

So, Ben had his sights set on this little guy named "Trinket" according to the shelter's naming system. :)

Sure enough, we adopted him on Saturday and got to bring him home Tuesday! He's 3 and a little Terrier mix...super cute! Ben was convinced that we should call him "Mo," but due to my assessment of his llama-like proportions, we have settled on "Cuzco," clearly alluding to The Emperor's New Groove. (I love that movie.)

He's not so great at posing, but here's a couple pictures of him thus far.

Also, after bringing these girls along with me to the women's retreat for church where I led worship, we stopped to sightsee a bit. They're awesome, I'm so glad we got to hang out together!

I also wanted to entertain you guys with this awesome photo. This is Mia and Ashley, both in Vanguard Singers and Band with me. If you don't see the humor in this, visit

Ha! I love Vanguards...we're preparing rigorously for China, and it's a blast!

And....Thee Weekend is currently underway, the first night officially happening tomorrow. What an exhausting yet exciting weekend ahead!

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