Wednesday, April 21

First Guinea Pig

Good news! Fortunately, since my idea is so brilliant, I already have volunteers to be featured in my blog series on facial expressions.

The first face is that of my dear friend Joshua Kuhn. Josh and I have a special connection - his wife, Rachel. Anyways, here are a couple absolutely precious and priceless facial expressions courtesy of Rachel herself.

Note in this first picture Josh's facial features: gelled hair, manly eyebrows, a nearly full beard, ears close to his head so that they don't stick out, and pursed lips. Clearly this photo exmplifies a wincing Josh who is focused intently on trying to sound out a word. The word(s), unbeknownst to us, may have been something like "walrus," or "water buffalo," or even "whimsical."

This photo allows for more of a side angle, which comes in handy because now you can see his eyes slightly better than before (with less of a glare). As you might guess from his tender yet stupefied look that this is the face he gives to Rachel, his wonderful bride, when she says something ridiculously goofy and he doesn't know quite how to react. This facial expression comes in handy because he is not laughing at her, so he doesn't make her feel stupid, and this slight smirk brings her laughter, so it's a Win-Win-Win. (Win for him cause she's happy, Win for her cause she's happy, and Win for everyone around them cause she's happy.)

This is by far my favorite of the three, mostly because I'm partial to black and white lighting, but also because it just makes me laugh. I think I might put this in a file of pictures labeled "For rough days," that way I can have something to laugh at if I need it. Ha! This shows the versatility of Josh's face because it brings to the surface his ridiculous personality. Goofy, nutty, and a little crazy are all good descriptions for his facial appearance. It appears as though he has had a brilliant idea and is about to imitate somebody (perhaps with a southern accent due to his bottom jaw being pushed forward) as he tells a joke. Or....perhaps he is trying to get a rise out of a dog and decided to make this face, proceeding to mock the dog by "barking." I kind of like that latter interpretation.

Thank you, Josh, for offering your photos.

Anybody else want to volunteer? No promises, but I just might feature you. Also, you may comment on each of these posts with interpretations of your own if you wish. You do not need to create any sort of account to do so.

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Rachel was like.... said...

this definitely brightened my day!! i am currently dying of laughter. if i didnt have to sit behind this desk, i would be rolling on the floor, unable to contain my laughter. i absolutely love your interpretations of his facial expressions.. except the last one ALWAYS (without fail) reminds me of a monkey when he makes that face in all his glory.