Sunday, April 18

The First Of Many

It just so happened that a couple days ago I had an extravagantly fantastic idea for a blog series.

See, I have this confession: I think I'm absolutely hilarious.

I make weird faces, I use sarcasm, I tell jokes, I do stunts, I make an absolute fool of myself....all for the sake of hilarity. I'm okay with sacrificing my coolness for the sake of laughter.

In light of that, I decided to do a blog series based on facial expressions. Seeing as this is the first of many (the exact number undetermined) in this new series, I trust it will get better as we go. But please, come along with me on this journey of exploring faces.
First, we'll start with my own, but hopefully we will expand further as three wonderful friends of mine have promised their participation.

I was uncertain as to what I should begin with, but here is one that appears courtesy of Miss Maldonado.

Now, I realize that, at first glance, this picture seems like a decent shot of me. My hair is perfect and skin flawless. However, let's take a second glance. As my subtle imperfections come through, there is clearly some confusion. I appear to have the innocence of a 5-year old, smiling amid flowers and happy thoughts; and yet, there is mischief in my gleaming eyes and my teasing smile.

Quite a wonderful picture now that I think about it.
Any other interpretations of this facial expression are welcome.

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