Monday, September 20

Deceitful Bliss

Little did I know, injuries give you a deceitful sense of bliss in the midst of pain. Or maybe I should say...injuries cause you to look forward to simple things because you have a delusional fantasy that said thing will ease your pain and make you feel like you're back to normal.
I was okay with that on Saturday when I chose to go grocery shopping with Tyler and use this little contraption.

I will admit that this cart is probably one of the coolest parts of being temporarily disabled. I was able to scoot my way around the aisles like a ninja (comparatively...I suppose it would be more like a disabled ninja or a ninja in slow motion, but it felt like light speed compared to my normal turtle-like rate of movement). This cart is also conveniently a chair, so I'll go ahead and give you my rating of it, too. It definitely has the eye-catching feature of electricity attached to the seat which automatically gives it a head start as a chair. The seat itself is padded but sort of in an awkward shape, almost feels like a drum throne that looks really cool but is kinda old and worn down. Anybody know what I mean? Or like a piano bench that sort of makes your skin stick to it. Not really the greatest. Oh, also kinda like the new "leather" seats in the dollar theater at Woodbridge. In any case, you get my drift. Not the greatest. Nevertheless it made my day much brighter and will receive a 3.9. I cannot bear to give it a 4.

Also in choir today we had our rare but sweet tradition of massages during warm-ups. Faith's massage duties were a little bit harder for her than normal seeing as the guy next to her is a good foot and a half taller than her. Still, she made it work. What a trooper.

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