Tuesday, September 29

Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Let's take a look together at one of the biggest oversights of our time. We are about to enter the month of October, the month that is deemed "Domestic Violence Awareness Month."
Here's the first thing that enters my mind when I hear that phrase:
What about the other months?

Shall I forget about domestic violence and only worry about it during October? Does awareness month really DO anything? What happens during October that help bring an end to domestic violence? Why October?

Obviously being a little fecitious here, why do we even have an awareness month? Why not an awareness year? It happens every single day all across our wretched domestic violence-plagued nation, and yet we only dedicate one month to being "aware" of it.


People always say that holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day are Hallmark holidays - created to generate money for greeting card companies and such.

Why do we have a Domestic Violence Awareness Month? Is there some sort of greeting card line making money off of domestic violence cards? I think not. I understand that domestic violence is a serious issue and is not to be taken lightly, however, I feel as though this sort of heightened awareness level is almost a detriment to the cause itself. Let's say that in October, since awareness is up, domestic violence actually experiences a recession. How we would measure that I have no idea...but let's just say that it happens. Then, just like other fads of awareness, the awareness would fade and domestic violence rises again. It's a vicious cycle.
Beanie Baby awareness turned into a Beanie Baby fad, which eventually faded and is now a memoir.
Toms, Invisible Children, and the Inspi(red) deal is awareness of AIDS and starvation in Africa. It's now turned into a fashion statement. Does that money really make a difference in Africa? No, it funds more meetings to brainstorm the next T-shirt design.
Not to say that Domestic Violence Awareness month is a fad, persay, but I feel like it's not the best way to fight it. Unfortunately, I'm all talk and no action because I don't have any ideas on how to tackle domestic violence head on.

I apologize if I come off as crass or inconsiderate. I merely think that it's ridiculous and a giant oversight to have an awareness month for something that ruins lives on a daily basis. Sorry for the rant.

In other news, the Hummer truck is the most disgusting car I have ever seen. Someone owns one and parks it at school. I have nothing against the person who owns it, and in fact, I wouldn't mind riding in it should this person ever offer. HOWEVER, I find this to be hideous and a nearly dysfunctional design for a vehicle.
That's all.


Rachel was like.... said...

the hummer truck (which i didnt know existed) reminds me of a kids tonka truck.

Jessy said...

It's true... domestic violence is a huge issue and way to many people deal with it... and the worst thing is that no one ever knows I think awareness is more about helping people that in it to see there are others and there is something that can be done to stop it in their lives!!

Mike Lutz said...

i'd have to see the truck in person to know if i liked it but if it doesnt carry with it the ability to run anything and everything over like a military hummer then it is a waste... toyotas rule :) but i am biased.

Laura Bat said...

heya. hahaha i love the hummer truck. so unneccessary in orangecounty.

guess what? i blogged :)