Monday, September 21

Hero #2

As you may recall, my previous hero was Francine Rivers, a dynamic author who is clearly being used by God. If you don't recall that, just scroll down a little bit. :)

Well let's just say that Francine is only one of a few female heroes that I look up to.

This next hero of mine is simply a musical icon. She writes some of the most dynamic worship songs I have ever heard - full of theology and praise, but easy to sing and easy to impactful. Not only is she a songwriter but she has an incredible voice - consistent and pure. I knew that she was amazing a couple years ago, but not until recently did I realize that she updates her own website and blog consistently, giving advice to readers and aspiring songwriters as well as sharing what God is doing in her life.

The Lord truly has gifted her with incredible music talent. And an accent. And she wears scarves a lot. Her name is Brooke Fraser.

If you don't know who Brooke is, she is a part of the Hillsong clan - author of Hosanna, Desert Song, Soon, and others. She is just amazing!! Her solo albums have a different style than the Hillsong ones because they are geared toward more personal reflections. I thoroughly enjoy her music and...I wanna be like her when I grow up.

Can I get an amen?


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Nina49a said...

Well...since she wears scarves alot...I guess I'll check her out...hahaha

Jessy said...

Amen I totally just downloaded her stuff last week cuz i liked it so much! she is amazing!!