Friday, October 23


I propose that we create a new line of movie theaters strictly for girls. Girls, that is, between the ages of 12-15 who enjoy chattering seamlessly through the charades of previews before movies, and even during the actual featured movie. You know it's bad when it's a big group of kids...or shall we say..young teens...and one of the first things they talk about is how they don't want to get kicked out like last time. Oh! But..."Don't worry, it takes a lot to actually get kicked out of a movie," according to Blonde Girl #1. Quickly chiming in, Blonde Girl #2 adds, "Yeah, it's hard but like I just...I like don't want it to happen again."

It only takes one call to ruin a movie.
It also only takes one chatterbox to make me regret paying to see the movie.

Fortunately, tonight my mom and I were feeling bold enough to ask them politely to stop talking after the first three minutes of small talk during the movie. The best part: their 3-minute disruptive conversation was about some boy not texting them back.

Anybody want to get on that new theater line idea? :)

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Jessy said...

I totally agree!! new theater is a must!!