Friday, July 10

Blast From The Past

So obviously I'm a slacker. No posts for the last few months means one recap post...with a lot of pictures of course.

I DID get to go to New York for the first time after school got out...I went with school, specifically to sing at the Lincoln Center, which was quite an awesome experience. :-)

This is the skyline seen from the Top of the Rock!

Found an awesome Candy shop with fun wallpaper...haha

Also I found a little bit of my wild side as we walked down the street....

A couple weeks ago, Sarah Brown and I (pictured here) and my mom and Lindsey and Kennady went to Pasadena to take part in the American Idol tryouts held at the Rose Bowl. After waiting there at the Rose Bowl for 12 hours, Lindsey, Kennady, and I auditioned. Though we didn't make it through, we had a great experience with many shared laughs...I took some awesome videos, which...if I get permission then maybe I'll upload those up. :-)

Aside from that, it's summer! I'm leaving on Monday for Houston to go visit my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, and also to experience the dead summer heat of Texas. :-) I'm really excited to lead worship with my cousin Josh at Calvary Houston, and Samantha has promised me the best ice cream ever, so I think it'll be a fun trip. :-)
A lot of the high school kids and leaders are gone to Costa Rica right now, too, so this Sunday I'm really excited to speak at Frequency...I'm speaking on wisdom! It's been really neat to study James 3:13-18. Go read it if you get a chance. Or...just make the chance. haha!
And finally, Bailey's bridal shower is tomorrow!!! Wooo!! Bat and I have been brainstorming and working hard to shop for sweet party stuff at a cheap price...and keeping each other in check when we want to buy something frivolous. :-D

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