Friday, April 24

A Small Feat

Ever have one of those "ah" moments? Like a moment where you're just caught so off guard that you have to stop and think about what just happened?
Yes, I experienced one of those moments yesterday with about 25 or more of my peers in class. Professor Austring, during his lecture, decided to draw a circle on the whiteboard to demonstrate a valuable lesson, all of our surprise, the circle was nearly perfect. Let's read that again....nearly perfect. If you were previously unaware, circles are extremely difficult to draw on a flat surface, let alone a whiteboard. According to Professor Austring, is skills can be attributed to endless doodling.
I realize the circle is nearly impossible to see due to my low-quality phone-camera shot, but I thought I would do my best to share the moment. I suggest clicking on the image below and trying hard to focus in on the black line....

Hopefully you can find it as entertaining and "ahh"ing as we all did in class.


Laura Bat said...

hahaha! I would TOTALLY appreciate that moment in class.
Remember it always. and start practicing your own circles :) said...

this blog is collecting cob webs and dust ...
where is the new post ?