Wednesday, July 15

Characteristics of Texas

So here are some pictures to make up for the lack thereof in yesterday's post.
Some characteristics that I have observed in Texas thus far consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
Weird animals habits:
Letting a gecko inside.

Random souvenirs:
Shark in a bottle.
Random accessories:
Toilet shades.

Random vehicles:
A tall, tall, tall H2.

Also, not so random, but here are a couple pictures from Calvary Houston.
The sanctuary:

The coffee shop (which is legit):
Higher grounds (clever).

So tonight we had the midweek study at Calvary Houston, which was really good. It's weird to actually sit in a service. But I definitely needed it. :-)

After service we went out to eat again, even though we went to Sprinkles Frozen Yogurt before church, too. The after service choice was a Mexican restaurant called Luna's, which was actually pretty delicious! Reminds me of a more authentic El Torito. :-) Then everyone came over again to the Ryding house, where ping pong ensued for several hours. Since I figured I need to improve my ping pong skills anyway, I applied myself tonight and learned different spins to put on the ball. :-) Amy and I both needed to learn, so John taught me, then I taught Amy. Amy and I played for a while just trying out different spins and was fun! It's very relaxed and laid back this week, which is great!

Josh got off the next couple days, so even though we've pulled some late nights, we're gonna hit "the town" and see if we can't find something to do tomorrow. :-)

God's really blessed me so far here with some good time of restoration and I feel really refreshed - it's amazing!

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!! He's 14 today! AND he got called up to play on the Varsity team this weekend!! Woohoo!! I'm so proud of you!!

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