Wednesday, April 22

Time Out!

Time Machine, anyone?

That's what Anika asked for earlier today, and I started thinking, actually...I would love it if time could just stand still. If I could do an hour's worth of work/play/fun/life and not lose any time. How glorious would that be? Or if time could just slow....I could do an hour's worth of life in maybe only 15 minutes. What a fabulous thought.

Ah yes, but unfortunately God has called us to live in this time zone, and I am currently just about pooped. Actually....I am. When I stop and think about it, I think...holy cow, what in the world is going on around me? I feel like I'm barely keeping up with the things that I want to do because of other obligations. What a tragedy! Is this what life is about? Going, doing, making, participating, collaborating....separately they're all great, but man. Everything at once is just getting to me. I feel that Jesus should return soon. Like tomorrow, before I have to give an oral presentation that I'm totally unprepared for. Tiny things like that...I just have no motivation for because I'm exhausted.

But tonight I started thinking...okay, it's only a season. It's only a season.

So....since it's only a season...I decided to share with you all a little girly thing about me since I don't often have indulgent moments. Now mind you I did not purchase these but I coveted a little in my heart. Believe it or not, I just like heels. I just like them. I don't wear them often because I can't be diverse in them and flexible and I can't run as well and...they don't really go with most of my clothes because I'm mostly casual. BUT I like them. They make me feel tall. And I think they're just fun to walk in. Anyways, I saw these beauties at Target and almost purchased them until I thought..."Bri, we're in a recession. You clearly do not need those." So I settled for a picture.

Also, I am pleased with the American Idol results that were displayed tonight. I feel they are just.

And...Billy and I are visiting his parents next weekend, maybe a break to this never ending rat race? :-) Sounds fabulous.


Laura Bat said...

i like heels too, but unfortunately do not own a 'real' pair because i never have cause to wear them. Lets get some crazy red ones for the wedding? Yes? Ok good.

Also, i didn't know you were going up north! That will be a nice little vacay. Hopefully you can take a little breather in the clean air up there

Brianna said...

haha yes indeed, clean air will be awesome. with blue? OKAY!