Thursday, March 5

Breakin' It Down

Fact: 65% of people are visual learners.
Implication: People are more attracted to visual aids and images instead of words.
Conclusion: Use more pictures.

For the following post I will use fragments to describe pictures in an attempt to get your attention. Please excuse me as I overlook grammatical structure.

At Disneyland, adorable man

Disneyland, Toy Story, high scores, adorable man wins

Bailey's bday trip, Huntington Library/Gardens

Fulfilled dream, weeping willow

Fish lips, fish eye lens, Batstone not so much

Children's tunnel, good times

More professional pics at Bailey's blog.

It's been a crazy week and the weekend is practically upon us once again. Also, I can't believe we're already changing our clocks again on Saturday....Hope you guys are doing well!

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Rachel was like.... said...

yes!!! i am part of that 65% and i appreciate the pictures. ;)
looks like you guys had fun at Disney!! i love that ride! however dont get to go on it, cuz of josh's sensitive tummy to up and down motions. haha.