Wednesday, February 25

Everyone Knows Beyonce, Right?

Okay, so after my serious post below, I decided that I absolutely must share the following video with you all. I apologize if you have now been exposed to this video more than once; however, if this is not the first viewing pleasure of your own, I would hope that you either watch it again or recruit someone else to experience this. Please enjoy.


Rachel was like.... said...

thats ridiculous!! haha. "thankfully the blood wasnt her own." .....this isnt real right?
and yes that was a "Brianna Villines original" picture portraying Cherry on Top at its finest. ;)

Brianna said...

haha! no, it's not real, it's just a joke. but hooray for my pic! that makes me stoked!

Laura Bat said...

hahaha. oh man. the onion can fill many hours