Tuesday, March 10


Yes, obsession. Are obsessions bad? Sometimes obsessions are synonymous with addictions, and some addictions are harmful. But....obsessions? I'm not sure. This particular obsession may be connected with a higher concern that is generally titled as gluttony, but even that is a little excessive for my infatuation.

Okay, sorry. What am I talking about? Simply this:

In the Cove at school, I often purchase this delectable treat with my salad and drink for lunch. Why? White chocolate! Marcela, my lovely lady friend who works at the Cove, tells me that there are only two people on campus that buy this candy bar regularly, and because of us, they continue to keep it stocked. So the result then, is that I feel obligated to buy it. Do I feel guilty? No, I love it.

Just thought I would share.
Also, Spring Break is next week.


Rachel was like.... said...

ahhh!!! those are my favorite chocolates EVER!!

Laura Bat said...

hahahahaha. "my lady friend, Marcela" she is hilarious. and those candy bars are really good!