Friday, August 28

Racing Through

Ah yes, the race of life.

Here's a picture description of life for me during the past month or so.

I started working at the law office with my mom again, like I did last summer! Here I am in the glorious state of snacking on Chex Mix while going through mounds of paperwork.

I got a flat tire a few weeks ago! Lame, my tire just popped one day.

Brian kindly changed my tire, while David stood by and watched. David is taking "man" lessons currently so that he can change Raquel's tire one day when she gets a flat.

Bailey and Josh moved into their new apartment a while back...and now that they're MARRIED (!!) they'll be actually living there together. Also, there will be more pictures to come of their wedding...I'm just waiting til they get back from their glorious honeymoon to post some good ones. :)
Besides all that, I started school, which is going to be crazy. I learned that I get annoyed easily by new people that are desperate to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Currently, I am trying to figure out why I am so easy to talk to and why people enjoy pouring their life story out to me. I'm not heartless, really. I'm not. Do I mind hearing from them? Not really. But why? Maybe it's just the way that I talk. I truly am interested in who they are and what they're about...but then it gets to the point where...the conversation hits a wall. And I'm fine with it hitting a wall. Unfortuantely, the other person climbs the wall and scampers into another conversation land that I simply just don't want. Batstone always tells me that I'm too nice. Is that true? I don't know. What did Jesus do when he encountered annoying people?
Sorry for the ramble.


Laura Bat said...

wow! Apparently i haven't been on your blog in a loooong time. Sorry! haha. But this is a lovely story. I think all people should be ok with a conversation hitting a wall. I hit walls all the time.....

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this blog...
I think Jesus loved annoying people... but He didn't always let them speak as long as they wanted to before He interjected some word of wisdom that shut them up. haha. Butttt... seeing as you can't see into peoples hearts to know exactly what to say to quiet their ramblings... I'm not sure what you should do. ha. But it's good you're kind and lend a listening ear... sometimes people just need to talk.

Rachel was like.... said...

that is an awsome picture of us. and yes. i have the same irration with annoying people. i think i need to learn some tolerance... just a little.. not too much. haha