Sunday, January 20

Guitar Whimp

Steven Huggins is an odd fellow. Our friendship mostly consists of him telling me what's happening in his life...generally what he's eating, what he's watching, or what he's feeling. I naturally respond with sarcasm and I often make fun of him. It's become one of my favorite pastimes, really - he takes it well and we both laugh about it.

Anyways, tonight after Brandon's study, I made an epic attempt to overturn my habitual ways of teasing him, only to have it backfire in my face. I boldly proclaimed to all present that Steven was pretty good at Guitar Hero, and that he could play on expert on a few songs, which...he can. Or so I thought. Brandon proceeded to demand a presentation of said skills, to which Steven bashfully declined. After some coaxing, however, Steven took hold of the guitar as the legendary Dragonforce song began. And he played.... 0 notes. Zero.

Of course, Brandon then proceeded to shove a massive score of 79% on the medium level in his face and proclaimed himself as a far greater guitarist than Steven, even to the point of calling Steven names like, "Guitar Whimp." Steven was given multiple chances and continued to fail. To ultimately prove that he was superior, Brandon played the same Dragonforce song on Expert and dominated. Yes, he was only in the practice zone, but managed to complete...roughly 6% more than Steven.

As seen in the blurry photo above, Brandon is clearly the Guitar Hero of the two.


Carrie Cupcake Rowe said...

wow, so sad i missed that!

Anonymous said...